Procrastination 101


October 9, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

~~~First of all I would like to say that I hope everyone had only the most fantastic thanksgiving weekend! And for those of you who do not reside in Canada you can just go ahead and mind-delete the word thanksgiving, the sentiment remains the same! added: Oct 8th 2012~~~

 Oct 6th 11:14 am

First off I want to start by saying that I was expecting this particular topic to be extremely easy to write about. You know, cause It’s pretty much my favorite pass time and, I hate to brag but, I’m pretty darn good at it. “What perfect way to procrastinate just a little bit more by writing a completely pointless blog post all about that very thing!” I thought, “I’ll just sit on my butt with my bowl of chips and do this instead of cleaning the kitchen or vacuuming the living room like I ought to be doing”. Well that was about 2 hours ago. It wasn’t a totally unproductive 2 hours though, I mean I had to feed the kids, clean the kids, play with the kids, and nap the kids. They have been napping peacefully for about an hour now which is when I sat down to do some writing. So I hunkered down with my, before mentioned, bowl of chips and I got to work. First though I thought I would just quickly check my Facebook and then after a quick 20 minute scroll I figured, since I was checking my stuff, before I really got nose deep into my writing, I should probably check my Hotmail too… and then just have a quick peek at what my bank account balance is… and then, just to get me in a funny mood, I should probably just spend a few minutes on Google looking through funny pictures (you know the ones with the clever captions). OK, NOW I’m ready to write…

^yea, kinda like this

Crap I hear a baby crying… OK we will try this again next nap time. Until then!

Oct 6th 9:36 pm

OK I’M BACK. I know I said I would return and try again next nap time, but I got busy watching a really important show on TV… and having a nearly as important nap myself (hey, naps during the day are kind of important, It re-charges your mom batteries for the rest of the day). Anyway, so, needless to say, here I am now! The kids are in bed so I am free to write till my heart’s content. Except I have got a show I need to watch, starting here in about 20 minutes, so you know my heart will just have to find its content between now and 10:00pm. Sh*t, be right back I have to go get my bowl of chips I left in the kitchen…….. OK back, 15 minute’s, lets boogey.

One thing you should know about procrastination is that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you AREN’T getting anything done. IN FACT, quite the opposite. You may find yourself getting A LOT done… just not what you wanted done or what you should have gotten done, that’s all. For example: On my to-do list I had, vacuum, do dishes, fold laundry, and dust. What I ended up doing was, cleaning the bath room, sweeping, and re-organizing the shoes in the closet. See? Not exactly unproductive, right? Although now I will have to do what I was meant to do today, tomorrow, and it will probably take longer because the mess will be bigger. But that’s is beside the point!

OK, hearts content enough. 10:05pm gotta go!

Oct 7th 9:09 pm

Wow, that day went by fast. Just arrived home and threw the kids in bed. We were out having a fabulous thanksgiving dinner with the fam. I don’t have too much time here, there is a show to catch up on, but I thought I would just drop by and add a little more to this blog post. So let’s get back to it!!

The key to procrastination and rule number 1, is to convince yourself that what you are replacing your you-should-do’s with, is just as important as the you-should-do itself. This is imperative, especially if you really want to master procrastination. You don’t want guilt squeezing its way into your day and making you feel bad. You really want to enjoy your time spent with procrastination. That way you will have no problems continuing to do it. And the more you do it, the better you will get. Make sense?

Oct 8th 9:31 pm

Well HELLO, sorry I haven’t checked in all day… Aw crap… I just realized that early tomorrow morning is when I am meant to get this thing posted. Had a busy day cleaning and baking and cooking some Cornish hens. OK well let’s just speed through the rest of this real quick then shall we? Just have to go for a smoke first and grab a glass of wine. Alright here goes.

Rule number 2. Be sure to get the rest of your family in on it with you. Encourage them to help you procrastinate. Example: You can’t find yourself anymore kind-of-important-other-things to do and you fear you may just be nearing the end of an epic bout of procrastination. You then decide to go to your daughter’s room and ask her if there is anything she needs. Encouraged to help help you put off doing your daily duty’s she then asks you to bake her some muffins, paint her nails and watch a movie with her. And there you have it! Another 2 and a half hours’ worth of procrastination in the bag! Success!!


OK here is where I would really like to continue teaching you how to truly become a procrastination-master. However I really think it is crucial to my monday-night-enjoyment that I go get another glass of wine and read a book before its time to get my butt to bed (its critically important that I finish it, as I have to return it to the library soon, and I don’t think they will let me renew it … again). So unfortunately this is all you are going to get. I’d like to apologize but, although I am aware that I probably should actually finish the topic of this blog post, I’m really not that sorry as I am also aware of just how essential it is to get my book read. (You see what I just did there? Take note, that’s expert level procrastination tactics right there)

SO I will see you again on Saturday! Happy weekend. TATA

Becky A.M


2 thoughts on “Procrastination 101

  1. Deb Marshall says:

    I have taught you well little grasshopper, lol! Tata.

    Funny, funny, post!!

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