An Excuse to Talk About the Dollarstore


October 23, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

So for lack of creative thinking I have been unable to come up with a fantastic and unique subject manner for my Tuesday post. I am sort of in the middle of a creative-idea-writing-block. So I thought as a fall back topic I may as well make it about Halloween. It seems fitting as it is coming up and what better way to fill in a blank spot with a topic that is practically handed to me! I apologize in advance for my writers-block-post, and before you continue reading, consider this a warning of a most uninteresting 12 paragraphs of Halloween non-adventure!

My dollar-store buy for my front door

Now for me on holidays like this, my family and I try to really save money as much as we can. Try to go the easy cheap way. When you have 3 children it’s hard to really go all out, and at the same time not spend too much money. Three Halloween costumes, three Halloween trick-or-treat bags, decorations, candy, all that good spooky stuff. It was especially difficult for me this year, as sad as it seems, because it is the first year we have actually had to have, and put up, our own decorations. So this year we had some shopping to do! How exciting!

I don’t know about you but I am absolutely and totally in love brainwashed by the Dollar tree and Dollerama. I practically lose all control of my normal level headed-ness in there and have to really drag myself out of the door before I end up buying one of every item in the store. I believe it is said every visit, “Jeff I beg of you Get. Me. Out. Of. Here. I. Cant. Stop!”

“Cheese grater? Well I already have 2 at home… but it’s only a buck… I’ll just buy it, who knows, maybe one day I’ll have a cheese grating party and I’ll need an extra one” and in the cart it goes. “Nail polish for a dollar? Awesome, get one of every color it might not be here next time we come back!”. And “Well the toys are so cheap here, I’ll let the girls all pick out 3 things each!” And “Lord knows we have enough serving spoons but these Betty-Crocker ones are only $1.25! Get 3 of them!” You get the idea.

So this year we went shopping at the Dollar Tree in town. I was a little put back when we stepped inside and I saw that they had already downsized their Halloween section to make room for Christmas decorations (which now take up a quarter of the entire store). My first thought was “Ooh I should stock up on new Christmas stuff while I’m here!”  Quickly I snapped myself out of it and got back into the Halloween mind set.  I had a job to do, and I was on a mission. Their marketing technique almost sucked me in. Not this time Dollar Tree, I will not succumb to your money-making-brain-washing. I began.

Since there was not much left I decided the smart thing to do would be to just get all of it , you know in case I didn’t get enough, and when I came back to get more supplies, they had already replaced the rest of it with Easter stuff. So I started throwing goodies into the cart. Damn it Dollar tree, your magic is too strong for my weak mind, you win again.

I grabbed a fake crow, a couple rats, some spider cob-webs and a few spooky “old-ghostly” pictures. Also 3 types of cloths, as it is imperative that I have a good selection of creepy cloths at my disposal. I got two packs of spooky black netted cloths, 3 packs of the grey kind, and also 2 packs of the “bloody” white ones. I tossed a plastic skull and a couple of foam tomb stones into the cart. A beware sign, a handful of rubber bats, three small ragged skeletons and a few blow up creatures were also added. I know what you are thinking, “Is she not trying to SAVE money? Is all that stuff really necessary?” I answer to you, yes, yes it is.

Next I had to grab Chels a witches hat for her costume, actually might as well grab 2, yaknow, one for Halloween night and one for her school party, options are important for young children. Oh and sure Chels go ahead and grab that glowing skull necklace too. By now I am trapped in the tight grip of the Dollar trees ability to destroy my self control. I also needed to pick up a princess wand for Mammy and, hey! Let’s get a new tiara even though we have a couple at home already.

Oh yes! Can’t forget about the candy! Into my ever growing shopping cart I threw, eight packages of mini chocolate bars, three packs of gummy skeletons, two bags of chocolate eye balls, three bags of candy bones (and some other things but I’m getting tired of listing) and a nice little hallo-weeny bowl to put it all in.  OK it’s time to hit the register!

Having broken free of my trance, I managed to make it to the register without grabbing anything on the way. It was an immensely difficult thing to do, but I would not let the store win THAT battle, I had to be strong. Got my bounty on the counter and noticed their pumpkin trick-or-treat bags hanging next to it. F*&$**@ DAMN IT, I was so close. OK throw 3 of those in the mix. I swear I’m ready now. $85 and my Halloween shopping is complete! Fantastic! I’ll see you next week Dollar Tree.

Before I continue I just want to point out that because my girls are not picky mickeys (and also because I’m mom and I said so), their costumes this year were made up of things we already had in possession. Mammy will be a princess, with a princess dress of Chelsie’s from when she was younger. Belly will be a cat, with a costume that was given to us a couple years ago from a family member and the bug found a witches dress in her dress up box. All we had to do was get the accessories and they were good to go! How cheap creative of us!

So when we got home I decided to figure out how much we actually saved at the black hole. Here is the break down. Had we gotten those boxes of candy/chocolate that you can get at grocery stores we would have spent nearly $10-$25 per box, and we will just go ahead and assume we would have needed to buy at least 2 boxes. If we had got decorations at a grocery store we would have (for the same amount of purchases) most likely spent close to $60, possibly more. Also if we had decided to buy all three girls new costumes, at the very least, we would have spent our months worth of spending money. $20-$35 for a child’s Halloween costume? No way man, not when I would have to multiply that by 3. So, a rough estimate of what we could have spent, would have been a possible $155-$190. Oh I just love saving money!! ← by the way that right there is just another tactic brought to you by the Dollar tree, beware, the prices alone suck you back in every.damn.time. (If you are cheap like moi.)

I just love these!

Now my house is all mooky, (as Belly would say), my girls are all set and best of all I got to shop till I dropped! (Because clearly that is the most important part). Next month I will be going back to get all my Christmas goodies and I will probably get my valentine’s day supplies while I’m at it. I’d imagine it will be on display by then, no?

See you Saturday! Tata!

Becky A.M

they are so cool!


One thought on “An Excuse to Talk About the Dollarstore

  1. Deb Marshall says:

    Oh my funny, lol. I laughed all the way through because I totally get the trance you fall into when you enter the dollar store man!!

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