“Stylish” Confessions


October 27, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

OK people, today is a serious post day as I think we can all agree that ones fashion sense is something that should never be taken lightly *rolls eye*. That is exactly what we are going to talk about today. Style. If you were to ask me what mine was I would tell you this. Heck if I know. It is not that I don’t understand what is “in fashion” or that I don’t know how to put an outfit together. I just really have no idea where I fit in, in terms of what I choose to cover my body with. I couldn’t say that I am a hipster or preppy, a fashionista or goth.

I suppose if you really wanted to put a label on it you could go ahead and say that I “dress like a mom”. Although I am not even sure that someone would look at me walking down the street and say to themselves “Yes, indeed, she must be a mother” (I am aware that most people don’t talk this way, or probably even care much to be classifying random people based on their choice in wardrobe, but for the sake of this post we will just pretend that they do). In order for you to fully understand what I am talking about I will explain.

Only for (and never again) the sake of driving the point home, I will humiliate myself with, Exhibit A: Mom bum- check! Old shirt with massive rip on the side- check! Sweat pants- check!

–         I still wear THE SAME clothes that I use to when I was younger. That’s right, I have shirts that I purchased back in my fashionable years (if you can call them that) that I still wear to this day. I would like to say the same for my pants but let’s face it, I’ve got mom bum. If I tried to put on my old pants, I would probably rip them to pieces attempting to pull them up past my ankles. However, as luck would have it, my upper potions have surprisingly not changed too drastically, except perhaps my perpetual 14-weeks-pregnant looking belly (no joke. Once Jeff took an accidental close up of what I could only assume was the hang over of the lower portion of my breast, only later to find out it was actually the hang over of the lower part of my stomach *sigh*). Now to defend myself, I don’t often have the time nor the cash flow to go out and purchase myself a great deal of new clothing. Therefore I tend to try and hang on to the clothes that I do have, for as long as possible. If that means I can get 10 years’ worth of wear on a t-shirt, I am going to go right ahead and do just that!

–          When I do happen to have the opportunity to spend a little bit of extra cash, I tend to either shop sales or thrift stores. This is because I am cheap. I am either buying other peoples old worn out styles or I am buying the stuff that stores say are going out of style (Mix that with my mom bum and my unceasingly pregnant looking stomach and I’m sure that I am painting a pretty sexy picture for you). Now I don’t just buy anything that fits, I will attempt to find things that fit AND look good on me. However, because of the places at which I choose to shop there is never a real promise that these things will match at all, let alone coordinate as one harmonious outfit. I am sure I’m not alone on that one.

See what I mean? One hug… it’s all it takes.

–          So now that we covered the hodge podge of clothing that makes up the contents of my dresser, I will move on to what it is that I actually put on. As a stay at home mom I don’t get out much (yup, stay with me things could get wild) so I wear my comfies most days. Occasionally, just to make myself feel human, I will dress up for a fantastic day of cleaning. I may even throw my hair up into one of those cutesy messy pony tails (which apparently I can’t do properly, as it  always ends up looking like I have slept a weeks worth of nights in the same ponytail, it’s attractive). I also dont give two hoots if my putter-round-the-house clothes are dirty. Even if I were to put on a nice clean outfit, 5 minutes into wearing it, it would look as if it hadn’t been washed in years. I have 3 mess makers who like to slick their hair back with their food, occasionally try finger painting with the contents of their diapers and (as we have covered in a previous post) use me as a washcloth. It will inevitably just add to my never ending pile of laundry, so why not just continue dirtying what has already been dirtied.

–          Now let’s move on to when I DO go out. Ooh finally made it to the juicy stuff!… No. When I say “go out” what I mean is leaving the house. This can include grocery shops, taking Chelsie to the bus stop, or to the park, things like that (since you already have a lovely mental image of me, I might as well add to that my exciting and talk-worthy lifestyle). Now usually when it’s walking Chels to the bus stop, I don’t try too hard. It’s a 5 minute walk, so usually I just find my finest pair of black sweat pants and a clean sweater and away I go. If it is a grocery shop on the other hand, ooh you better watch out! This means it is time to pull out the jeans! I will probably even go as far as to do my hair and make-up! People will see me there and for me this is my, ever so adventurous, version of a day out on the town! (hold it together now; we have yet to even reach the top of this roller-coaster ride of fun).

Exhibit B: The “fancy” look- Shirt from when I was 17, 6 year old hand-me-down sweater, and a thrift store bought skirt… Not so bad right?… right?

–          Next is when we have people over for dinner, or for whatever reason we are punishing entertaining people with our boredom over the top excitement . THIS is where I pull out all the stops. THIS is no holds barred. THIS is where I will go all out! Hell I might even do something crazy and put on earrings!  I’ll do my makeup, straighten my hair, find my most fancy shirt (usually one of my more fashionable ones from when I was 18) and, as a final touch, put on my NICE jeans. (Or my lone pair of black lulu lemon pants that I got as a birthday gift about 5 years ago). This is my fancy look, this would be the same attire you might see me in were I to actually go out for drinks or dinner.

Now with all that being said I think I have covered everything I needed to in order to really put an awesome picture in your mind about my “style”. Although after saying all that I just want to clarify that the clothes I own are not ugly, by any means, but I wouldn’t be too shocked if Stacy and Clinton were to interrupt me at the grocery store and offer me a $5000 credit card.

Am I the only parent out there that dresses this way? Oh, probably not. So should there be a style classification for this type of dressing? I suppose, and when I come up with an extremely fantastic and super awe-inspiring name for this style that we flaunt, I will be sure to get back to you. Until then (or until I realize there already is a super cool name for it that I am just unaware of) I will continue to regard it as I-have-no-freaking-clue.

Until Tuesday! Tata!

Becky A.M


3 thoughts on ““Stylish” Confessions

  1. Zoe says:

    Well I for one think you always look beautiful no matter what you wear!

  2. Deb Marshall says:

    ROLFING…no, you are not the only parent who dresses this way. And let me tell you, once the kiddos leave the house it takes a while to realize you don’t have to continue dressing that way. Now, I must say, I still think you are one fashionable looking mom, young, hip (is saying hip even hip?), beautiful. Yes. I know I am biased.But still….you is!

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