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October 30, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

Today I am going to give you a little glimpse into how story time works at my lovely home. A time where your family gathers together and huddles up close to listen to a story, and for the little ones to look at the pictures and let their imagination run wild! A time of relaxation, to get cozy jammied babies all together and wind down at the end of a long day. Ah story time.

Having said all that I would just like to point out that having 3 children who all think they need to sit on the same leg and hold the book at the same time, makes for wonderful book time adventure. What was described above, I believe, is only a fairy tale. Now I love to read and my girls love books. When I sit down to read one of their books to them however, it is apparently the perfect recipe for ant-in-their-pants. It is during this relaxing time that they break into their energy bank and then jump into their getaway car of crazy. Watch out though, they are tricky. They will suck you in with their ready-for-bed cuddly cuteness, and get all perfectly settled on the couch surrounding you, and just when you turn to the first page, BAM! In order to take you on a journey of the mind, from your home to mine, I will help paint a picture by telling you a story in, what I like to call, I-have-three-crazy-children style. Sit down with me and we will begin.


                   I am a piece of bubble-gum, soft and squishy sweet.

I wear a paper wrapping from my head down to my feet!…

“Ok now… sit down please and stop squishing your sister… I won’t continue until you sit!”

-5minutes later-

I live in paper housing too, my family warm and snug. …

“*sigh*OK, you sit here, you sit here, and you can sit here… Stop moving. Mommy can’t see what she is reading when you keep wiggling in front of the book… no NO, don’t turn it, I’m not done that page! … AH! Now what are you doing?… Well stop it! … EW! You will need to go wash your hands now *sigh* I’ll wait.”

-10minutes later-

Our walls and roof surround us, as tightly as a hug! …

YOU! Stop that and sit still! I can’t have you all on my lap, I only have two legs! And YOU quit trying to stand on my shoulders, you’re stepping on my hair… yes well it hurts and I can’t read while you are hurting me. Man oh man! … No, Man, is not a bad word… ready now? OK!”

I like being a bubble-gum. I never need to move.

I lay around at home all day, I hardly disapprove…

“HOLY GEEZ COME ON! If you can’t sit down, stop yelling at each other and LISTEN I’m CLOSING THE BOOK and KICKING BUTTS!”

-1second later-

I really smell delicious, even good enough to chew!

I think I’ll give myself a BITE, when this story’s through!

There’s not much more to tell you, so I think I’ll say good-bye!

no words this time just a *Ahem*, a few good foot taps, the “head tilt” and my best mommy-death-glare.

-1minute later-

If I stay out much longer, I am surely going to dry!

Ah, ok done! What’s this? … 10 more books? But you didn’t even listen to the last one!!!! … ok OK don’t scream, I’ll read it. Just stop hitting and no more fanning farts at each other when you think I’m not looking!”

Well I hope you enjoyed story time and thank-you greatly for sitting so nicely through the session, you have permission to leave now before we continue with our book reading, I won’t make you sit through another round of this. I very much apologize for all the interruptions, however I believe that you now have a pretty good idea of what our average story time is like. Now if you would like a PERFECT idea, you must multiply all that by ten, add a dash of button-pushing, a pinch of attitude, a generous sprinkle of defiance, and then turn the volume up full blast and you should have it! Great fun, yes?

Now I could go into much more detail for you about the, potential page ripping fury whilst fighting over turning duty. Even the painful elbows and knees in the most uncomfortable places in attempts to get prime story listening seating. But I believe I will spare you the traumatic experience, for even if it is only through words it would surely exhaust you mentally.

I will say this however, those butt heads are sure lucky ducks that they are so darn cute and loveable, as for that fact alone I am sucked back into story reading every time, and forced to admit that I do rather enjoy our crazy, not-so-relaxing., relaxing story time.

Don’t forget to come back on Saturday! Tata!!

Becky A.M


Before you run off to look into purchasing a copy of the wonderful and most amazing picture book “Bubble-gum” I unfortunately must let you know that this book, in fact, does not exist. I know, it’s hard to believe that such a well written and illustrated children’s story is not actually real, but that is the cold hard truth. I simply made it up for the sake of this blog post. I am sorry to disappoint. Also if you choose to steel this (because let’s face it, it’s pretty awesome) I will be compelled, but not hesitant, to find you and force you to live a lengthy sentence as my children’s personal storyteller, and believe me this is not a threat to be taken lightly (part of which you have just bared witness to). No. but. Seriously. No stealing! Also, one more thing before I go, since I will not be seeing you again until Saturday, I just want to say that I hope everyone has a most spooky Halloween tomorrow!!





One thought on “Story time

  1. Deb Marshall says:

    oh my funny~~~!! Auntie Carmin liked it too. And whoa on the poem, it was cool how you wrote it and it illustrates your point!

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