Diary of a one year old


November 3, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

6:30 am

Jade here, up and not quite at-em. Mommy says it’s time to get up, right when my dream of sippies was getting good! She was actually going to put chocolate syrup in my milk! Oh well, to be continued next nap time I guess. Daddy brought me downstairs this morning, I made sure I gave him a good poop to express my feelings on getting woken up mid chocolate milk dream. He is bringing my sister down too; wonder if she had a poop worthy awakening?

7:30 am

Mommy always makes such a fuss to get out the door. She puts this jacket on, but can’t she understand that I just don’t want to wear it? You would think she would figure it out after I took it off for the 5th time. I wonder why she looks like her head is going to explode? We do this every morning but she still insists on putting me in this coat and putting these big pink things on my feet, I think she calls them boots. She keeps saying something about being late for that big yellow van, and Chelsie keeps telling me to come on, I don’t get what the big deal is. And yet again I get a sippy with plain old white milk, this makes me grumpy, Id scream if mommy hadn’t given me my bag of fruit loops.

9:00 am

We have been back home now for a while, mommy put this silly show on that has these bunnies in it. I don’t want to watch it and I tried to let her know by throwing my granola bar at my dog and putting a piece of cracker in her coffee. Apparently she didn’t get the point so I attempted to make it more clear by throwing myself on my floor and screaming. What part of that doesn’t say “I don’t like this silly show and I wish very much that you would change it”? Now she says its nap time.

10:30 am

Ah what a good nap. Mommy put my sister for a nap when she came to get me, guess she must not have been happy with the show mommy put on for her either. I like it though, Bubble Buppies, it’s my favorite. I suppose I should let her know how happy I am to be watching this. I will let her sit with me for a bit I guess, as long as she doesn’t do that weird thing where she blows on my tummy. Sure it makes me laugh, but I have a very important show to watch, now just isn’t the time.

Now I believe I would like a snack, I don’t want to bother mommy though, she looks so comfy, I’ll get it myself.

11:00 am

I am very confused. Was I not being thoughtful? I know the good stuffs in my fridge, am I not allowed to help myself? It is my house, isn’t it? All I did was grab an egg, mommy always says they are good for me. That one must have gone bad. Ah yes, that must be why she put me in this seat. When it fell on the floor it was all watery and yucky looking, not at all like the eggs mommy usually gives me. But I don’t like being in this seat, I’d prefer to walk and eat. I will let her know by throwing my toast on the floor. I am sure she will have no choice but to take me out of here so that I may pick it up.

12:30 pm

My sister is awake now. I’m not too sure why she is crawling around on my ground and making the noise that my puppies make, but I like her, and I am going to do it too, to show her that I will gladly do as she does.

Now we are in my bathroom, I’m pretty sure we are not supposed to be in here, but what do I know? I’m just a baby and my sister says it’s ok.

Mommy is calling us for lunch now, she will have to wait, Belly is putting lipstick on me. It smells so nice, like mint! But it is sticky, I don’t know why anyone would want to wear blue sticky lipstick, that’s just silly, but maybe it is because it tastes good? Uh oh, mommy is here! Belly ran away screaming, I guess she must have been wrong about being allowed in here? That’s alright, I”ll just give mommy’s leg a hug, I won’t get in trouble.

2:30 pm

Mommy put me for another nap, I didn’t really want to go that time so I just sat in bed and blew spit bubbles. I must have fallen asleep though, because mommy just came and woke me up, she says it’s time to go get Chelsie. Here we go again, that darn coat. I don’t like that thing, in fact I don’t even feel like wearing clothes right now. I think I will take them off really quick while she is busy getting Belly ready.

Hmmm, I don’t think that made her too happy… she is on about being late again. She should really get her timing right if she is always worried about being late for things like this.

3:30 pm

Home now, mommy says we can play outside for a bit. I want to play in my sand box but she says I’m not allowed. I’ll do it anyway of course. I have been attempting to teach her  that I make my own rules, we will call this lesson #348. I can’t imagine why she didn’t want me in here anyway, this is awesome! The rain, it must have made my sand this way. All gooey and wet and fun!! I think I will rub it on my face… maybe just try a little mouth full. I’m pretty sure I heard Chelsie say something about mud pie. I’m not sure what that is but I am pretty sure that pie is a food, right? YES, the rain must have some sort of magic that turns my sand into pie!!

YUCK! I don’t think the rain did a very good job, that was gross! Awe, mommy is making us all go inside. I wonder what my sisters did to make her change her mind?

5:30 pm

DINNER TIME!!! Daddy put me in my seat, I don’t mind eating in my seat so long as daddy puts me in here. Mommy made some sort of mushed up white stuff, some little green trees and some sort of something she calls kick-in? That is a strange name for a food. I’m not sure I like it, where are my dogs? If I am quick and quiet I can give them my food without mommy and daddy noticing.

6:00 pm

Boy am I hungry! Wonder what is in my pantry? If I cry I am sure someone will open it for me. Hmmm now mommy is just trying to give me more of that kick-in, I don’t think she understood me properly. I will just throw myself at my pantry door and cry a little louder, she is sure to get the hint. Ah, it worked! Fruit snacks for everyone! Well, I didn’t say she could give my sisters some of my fruit snacks, but I guess its ok.

7:00 pm

YAWN! Daddy got me in my jammies and gave me my blankie and I get to sit with mommy on my couch for a bit. I wonder, if I bring her a book, if she will read it to me. Oh, never mind Chelsie has one, she must have known I needed one, I’ll just take that from her and then get myself comfy on moms lap. Hmm Chelsie seems to look really comfortable there next to mommy on my cushions, maybe I would rather sit there. Yes that looks like a better place to be, I’ll just shout at her to move and she is sure to abide by my commands. Wait a second Belly’s sitting on mommy’s lap now, no no that is surely the better seat, silly me, I will just move Belly and get my spot back.

7:30 pm

Mommy and Daddy are bringing Belly and I upstairs, it must be bed time. Perfect, Belly and I can make our plans for tomorrow. Bed time is always the best time to stay up and talk with my sister. Sometimes we even play this game where we see who can kick the floor of our beds the hardest, it is great fun. Time for hugs and kisses. This is my favorite part of the night, I always get extra kisses at night time, 3 from Mommy, 3 from Daddy, then a really big double kiss from both of them, that’s the best. Then mommy does our bubble buppies bedtime dance, it always makes me laugh. Now its lights out!

Come to think of it I’m pretty tired tonight, and I think Belly is already falling asleep, maybe I’ll just close my eyes and get back to my chocolate milk.


Don’t forget to come back on Tuesday! Tata!!

Becky A.M


3 thoughts on “Diary of a one year old

  1. Zoe says:

    Lol love it, this is what I could definately see Jade thinking lol, sorry I have gotten a bit behind on your blogs, I am catching up right now though! Keep up the good work my lovely!

  2. Deb Marshall says:

    More please! lol! That was one awesome read. Kick-in…bahahahaha.

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