Diary of a two year old


November 6, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

Before we start I just want to correct mommy’s mistake, yesterday she said “Belly, did you know you are almost 3. years. old!!!”

Diary of an almost 3 year old

6:30 am

I’m awake, and it’s about time daddy came to get us, Jade smells gross! It is time to go downstairs now and get ready to take my big sister to the bus. I would just sit on the couch and watch TV, but mommy always makes me start getting my stuff on before anyone else. It makes no sense to me. Sometimes she insists on helping me, but clearly I am a grown child and I can do it on my own. I tell her I can do it myself every morning but she constantly attempts to help anyway. Well I guess I’ll get started. Ah, my jacket, I love my jacket! Let’s see, find the arm holes, check! Ok now which one goes in first? I so got this!

7:30 am

This jacket doesn’t feel right… and I can’t find the zipper. Ah I see, it is backwards, well let’s just give it another try then shall we? Hmmm upside down… ok try again. Mommy is looking impatient now. Jade should really keep her jacket on, she always makes us run late. Ok now I can’t seem to find the other arm… this is a tricky thing I’m dealing with isn’t it? Ok I will ask for help… Oh THAT’S how it works, I’ve got it now, I’ll take it from here. Hmmmm I still can’t seem to get it on right, that’s strange.

Mom decided to poop on my party and fight me to get my jacket on, I tried to tell her that I could put my boots on myself too but she only let me try like 10 times before she did it for me. What is up with that? Chelsie gets to do all this stuff on her own, I don’t think it’s fair. Now she is running us out the door? Why such the rush I will never know. She really needs to slow down; she would probably look less crazy if she did.

9:00 am

We have been home for a bit. Sorry I didn’t write sooner. I just had to fight with mommy about letting me keep my jacket and boots on in the house. I mean it took forever to get them on why would I want to take them off again? Adults, I swear, strangest. logic. ever.  Now Jade is being loud, I can’t even hear myself sing! I can tell mommy wants to hear me sing though, she keeps trying to get Jade to stop screaming so I will just sing louder for her. Ah good, she is putting Jade for a nap now.

10:00 am

Sometimes it is nice when jade goes for a nap. This means I have all the toys to myself. I can’t seem to find any good ones today though. I mean I went through all 5 of the toy boxes, and laid everything out on the floor to see what kind of goodies I had to work with, and yet nothing of interest. Oh well maybe I’ll color. Once mommy picks up all the toys for me I will have another look, sometimes I find the good stuff the second time around. Awe come on! Now mommy says it’s time for a nap. I hate naps, and I don’t need them. Big girls don’t nap, and I am a big girl, I am almost 3! If I refuse to walk up the stairs and kick my feet really hard when she tries to carry me she won’t be able to get me upstairs.

Hmmm, I wonder why that didn’t work? I guess I’ll lie down, but next time I’ll just try kicking harder, mommy always says practice makes perfect!

12:30 pm

Ah, awake at last! I get to hang out with Jade now. We started off pretending to be doggies but she won’t stop copying me so I decided we should switch it up. Mommy is making lunch right now, so it is the perfect time to sneak us into the bathroom. See what we can find there. Ah toothpaste! I wonder what it would look like on lips. Maybe I’ll put some on Jade and see. I think if you squeeze the bottle like this…. Oops I must have squeezed too hard. I’ll just rub it into her face and eat the rest. Oh no MOMMY AHHHH! Quick run!

1:30 pm

Jade is down for another nap. She naps a lot. I guess she hasn’t figured out the trick. Mommy doesn’t even try to put me for afternoon naps anymore. I practiced really hard to get out of those ones. So we are going to make muffins now. Mommy always lets me lick off the spoon, so I’m not too sure why she took me down off the chair when I grabbed a handful from the bowl. Is it not the same thing? I let her know that I was upset about her decision to not allow me to participate, by sitting in the corner and yelling NO as loud as I possibly could. It seems to be the best way to get my point across. I didn’t get to help again but she did put me in the living room with some cartoons on, so my efforts were not totally in vain.

2:30 pm

after having searched online for cute free clip-art for this section I found myself SOL so, a picture of my cute children it is!

Time to get Chels from the bus again. Mommy got me to start getting my stuff on a while ago. I’m almost there just have to figure out what I have done wrong here, the hood is supposed to go over my head not my bum. I’ll get it.

I want to walk to the bus stop today instead of going in the stroller but I don’t see that happening. Mommy is just chasing Jade around the living room trying to get her clothes back on, and I still have to get on my boots. When we got to the stroller I told her I wanted to walk, she said we didn’t have time. I disagreed and tried to run away before she could get me. She got me.

Now mommy is running to the bus stop. She must be expertizing, I hear her say she needs to start doing that, now seems like a strange time to start though…

5:30 pm

I apologize for not writing earlier. When we got home we got to play outside and I was busy trying to bury myself in the dirt from the garden. Mommy was busy trying to get the sand out of Jades mouth so I had to do it quick before she noticed, I had no time to stop and update you all on what was going on.

Now its dinner time. I don’t like eating anything unless it is granola bars, pudding or crackers, so I am just going to throw all my food on the ground. Jade does that too sometimes, but she does it to get out of her seat. I do it so that my food gets dirty and they can’t make me eat it. Today mommy made those little green trees though, I like those. I will eat those and then dump the rest and pretend to be upset about it, that way they don’t think I did it on purpose. I’m positive I won’t get in trouble.

7:00 pm

Story time. Daddy got us all in jammies and mommy is going to read us a book. Jade is being her normal bossy self. It is usually best to just move when she tells you to, but now she just tried to kick me off of mommy’s lap. I made sure to wipe my booger in her hair. I don’t know if she noticed right away but she will… she will.

7:30 pm

Mommy and daddy are taking us to bed now. Normally I make a big fuss over this but tonight I am rather tired. I don’t think Jade and I will play our kicking game tonight. Beside for some reason mommy and daddy don’t like it. They should really try it someday though, I’m sure they will understand how fun it is. I get my extra hugs and kisses and mommy tries to put me in bed. I think sometimes my mommy’s brain must be turned off and she forgets that I am not a baby. I tell her I can do it myself every night but yet she still always tries to put me to bed herself. Tonight is no different, so I had to very sternly tell her that I would do it on my own. She got the hint.

Well I’m pretty sleepy, when you are as big of a girl as I am, your day holds a lot of responsibility. It can wear a person out. So I think I will close   my        eyes                 and      …….

See you again on Saturday for our final Diary, that of a 6 year old! Tata!

Becky A.M


2 thoughts on “Diary of a two year old

  1. Zoe says:

    Ahhh yes the famous 2 year old “Me do it” attitude I know it well!

  2. Deb says:

    Tata Beck. Looking forward to Saturday’s post! Loved this one… What a hectic day you have. Yep you better expertise he he.

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