My name is Rebecca, and I am an addict


November 13, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

List making. That is the topic at hand today. To say that I enjoy making them would be a colossal understatement, in fact I am not even sure that there is a proper word to truly describe my addiction. Not only do I find a certain unexplainable joy and pure relaxation in sitting down to have a session of list writing, but I am also completely and undeniably dependent on them once they are made. I will give you a better idea of what I am trying to explain here.

Let us start off with my mornings. I write in my journal every morning. I sit down with my cup of coffee while the girls are busy playing (or still sleeping if I am lucky)  and I start my day off with the ritual of greeting my journal and writing about all the things I have planned for the day ahead. You could describe my journal entries as a very extensive, well-articulated and descriptive “to-do list”. Basically 2 to 3 pages of me saying

I have many things to do today. To start I must wake myself up and feel a bit more human. I will do this by brushing my teeth and my hair and getting dressed. Second is my most dreaded kitchen. I believe I shall put that as my number one priority today. It is imperative that I do the dishes, put them away, wash the counters, sweep the floor, wipe off the table, de-clutter the microwave stand, and get everything cut up and in the crock pot for tonight’s dinner. I would imagine that the next thing I will need to do is vacuum the living room and do some quick dusting…

You get the idea. After I am satisfied that I have written all the things I need to do, I will re-read what I just wrote so that I can really drive home what my chores will be that day. When I am done with my journal I then place it back on the shelf that I have dedicated to my note books. Next I will grab my spiral bound book where my next step will be to write an actual to-do list.


-wash dishes

-put away dishes

-wash counters

-sweep floor

-vacuum living room

-dust living room


Next to each point on my list I will make sure to put a little box which I may check off once I am done its corresponding chore.

Now we will discuss my budget list making. I have a most unhealthy love for doing our budget. It is a bi-weekly budget broken down into all-important categories of payments, savings, spending etc. I will usually write out a few months’ worth of these budgets. One for every pay check from month A to month D. I will write what you may call a rough draft of said budget and then I will re-write my final copy, which then gets posted on the fridge. My world would all together fall apart if it were ever lost or ruined. Without my budget we would be spending blind and I know we are not special in that respect, I am sure many people feel the same about theirs. However I have made it a habit to take down that budget fairly often and re-do a rough draft with a few minor changes and then re-write a final draft once more. I do this because throughout the weeks of using it, it acquires pencil markings, things getting crossed out, things added or subtracted from totals to account for any extra money or lack thereof. I feel an uncontrollable need to make sure that my fridge has a nice, neat, beautiful and pristine looking budget hanging from it. In fact if it is too messy or marked up it grates on my nerves the way some would say nails down a chalk board do.

Now that we have covered to-do lists and budgets I would like to move on to my packing lists. These lists don’t happen often. They are obviously only needed during times where my family and I are getting ready to go somewhere over night. These lists are my saving grace, without them I would surely have a mental break down. Imagine if you will, not only having to pack for yourself, enough clothes, socks and underwear, bathroom supplies, etc. But also having to do that for 4 other people. Adding to that diapers of 2 separate sizes, toys to entertain, snacks to keep full bellies, sippies, water bottles, play pens, blankets, teddies, wipes. Then you add the dogs, leashes, food, food dishes, I could go on. If it were not for my extensive list writing I would most likely forget half of that and my brain would explode. In fact at one point in my life a friend of mine, who often would poke fun at my dependency on lists, decided to be “funny” and crumple up my packing list. I can’t tell you how traumatizing it was for me, my stomach twisted, I panicked and I nearly broke into tears! Then upon receiving my list back, I was forced to re-write it because, due to the crumpling, it was no longer in pristine condition.

Ok, they say leave the best for last, and that I certainly have. Grocery lists. Ah grocery lists, my all-time biggest joy. Not only do I get nearly giddy at the prospect of grocery lists but this also means that I get to make my meal plan (which I suppose is also a form of a list). I will make a meal plan every 2 weeks, writing down what dinner will consist of every night. This way we are sure to only be buying what we need to make those dinners, if we do not already have what we need in the house. I have to say it is a great way to insure no overspending. Once I have done the whole rough draft/final draft in my meal plans it is now time to make my grocery list! So exciting, I know. Based on my meal plan, what we already have and taking into account good snacks for Chelsie’s lunch bag, I begin.

When it comes to my grocery list I may write it out 2 or 3 times before finally being satisfied. All things on my lists are written down in order of how I walk through the store. Starting with produce and deli, then bakery and meat and dairy, then frozen and finally each isle. This may sound extensive but I find it makes for efficient and well organized grocery shopping. Also my list must have, next to each item, the amount of money I plan on spending for that particular product. For example onions ($2). Continuing, each item, as with my to-do list, must have a check box. Lastly, after having calculated the total of all the products off the list I will put that total at the bottom. I thoroughly enjoy writing grocery lists and for me it is like Christmas, the anticipation of coming within budget because of how awesome my list making skills are, that and obviously a house full of goodies of course.

Now I have left out a few things, for example the permanent list chart that I made to go on the wall in the kitchen that breaks down our daily chores, or my birthday party supplies lists, gift buying lists, Christmas lists consisting of everything from tape to decoration, gifts and food. AH I just cannot get enough. In fact after having listed all my lists for you, I feel I need to write some more lists. So I believe I will leave you now to go write a list of all the lists I need to write!!

See you on Saturday! Tata!!

Becky A.M


5 thoughts on “My name is Rebecca, and I am an addict

  1. Zoe says:

    oooo making a list for meals each week is actually a good idea, I just try to plan it as I am shopping, but maybe that is a good idea! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Zoe says:

    Oh no! Was that Joel that crumpled your list?

  3. jeffren21 says:

    AH, this is so true 🙂

  4. Deb Marshall says:

    You have turned list making into an art! Go Becky!

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