Dreams of Jimmy Choos and Boxed Wine


November 17, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

There has been many mornings were I have woken up in the middle of a dream (or a nightmare) and laughed hysterically at the contents of what my mom-brain decided to dream about. In a moment when you can be a millionaire, a superhero or super model, own a yacht or travel the world, dreaming is a time were your imagination can run wild and you get to live out your very heart’s desire as if it were truly happening. So after I woke up mid-nightmare the other morning and had to call my sister to laugh about the hilarity of what it was, I decided that I would dedicate today’s blog to this. The changes I underwent in dream land from my childless years to my child rearing ones.

Before I had children:

A horrific nightmare in which I am driving to the grocery store (or were ever my brain decides it wants to be going) when out of nowhere a semi comes barreling down the wrong side of the highway in my lane and directly at me. I then, panic stricken, swerve into the ditch only to realize that the ditch has now turned into a cascading cliff side that ends in a raging river 100’s of feet below. It is when I am falling through the air, heart racing and holding on to my last breathes of air, before the inevitable crash into the river of death that I awake.

After I had children:

An even more horrific nightmare, in which we are driving to the grocery store, when out of nowhere I realize that something is missing. Something is terribly wrong. I frantically start searching through my pockets and purse, holding my breath, I close my eyes. This can’t be happening. I panic! I have forgotten my grocery list. I hurriedly retrieve my emergency note book from my purse and grab a pen. I have less than 10 minutes to write a list before we arrive. It is when we have pulled up to the store, teary eyed, and I still have yet to get my pen to work that I awake.

In case you are curious, yes, that would be the nightmare that prompted the need to laugh at myself with my sister over the phone.

Before I had children:

My long flowing black curly hair falls down over my shoulders and comes together with my beautiful floor length white gown that has me looking like a sparkling princess. I glide effortlessly towards a golden soft cushioned lounger on the deck of an elegant cruise ship. One that only the most important people in high society may have the pleasure of experiencing. I sit down to a glass of champagne and a never ending supply of chocolate truffles.

After I had children:

My long flowing black curly hair falls down over my shoulders, still slightly damp due to my ability to finally have a relaxing and uninterrupted shower. My beautiful floor length night gown sparkles when the light hits it. One of my girls previously having lovingly decorated it for me using their crafting skills. I shuffle lazily towards a most comfortable looking mattress that sits atop the frame of an elegant bed. One that only the most exhausted of people may have the pleasure of experiencing. I crawl in and lay my head to a soft down pillow and a never ending supply of sleep.

Seriously, I have actually had dreams where all I did was sleep. Best. Dreams. Ever.

Before I had children:

In anticipation of a night to come I get busy putting on the perfect blend of eye shadow to make for the sexiest of smoky eye looks. I do it so well it seems as if only a top makeup artist for the most famous people of all time had surely done my makeup. I pin my flawlessly styled hair up into a pristine up-do that accentuates my bone structure and put on the most stylish of all outfits anyone could ever imagine. I finish my night out look with a pair of $3000 Jimmy Choo peep-toe pumps that would make men wish they were female. (seriously these are the shoes of my dreams)

After I had children:

In anticipation of a late night movie night I put on the perfect blend of face wash and acne cream before putting the girls down successfully for an early bedtime. I then clean the house so spotlessly that it seems as if an expert house maid had come in to have the work done for me. I pin my hair up into a flawlessly styled messy pony tail that accentuates my flyaway bits of hair and I put on the most comfortable of all pajamas that anyone could ever imagine. I finish my night off with a pair of fuzzy slippers, a glass of wine’in’a’box, a scented candle from the dollar store, and my most favorite movie of all time.

Again I actually do often find myself dreaming of cleaning and then relaxing. Maybe because it is nice to feel I have done it without actually doing it? I tell you though; it is heartbreaking to wake up from these kinds of dreams only to then realize that everything still has to be done.

I think I have gotten my point across fairly well about what I mean by mom-brain dreams. I allow myself to find humor in my obvious need to get out more, if my dreams are consisting of grocery shopping nightmares, and sleeping/cleaning fantasies. But then, as I said, they are a time to live out your hearts desires, and I suppose as I have grown I have realized that the simpler things in life are the things that I really and truly want. The best part of dreaming this way is that my dreams are easily accessible in real life, which makes dreaming them seem that much more real and there for worthwhile. I will admit however, that I do still dream of owning shoes that would cost me 6 months worth of groceries, or being able to properly pull off a smoky eye without ending up looking like a raccoon or a hooker but for the most part my dreams have become a lot less elaborate and more home centered. But seriously? Forgetting to write a grocery list? If this is what my deepest heart’s desire is considering a nightmare, I think I really need to find myself some more hobbies.

Until Tuesday Tata!

Becky A.M

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4 thoughts on “Dreams of Jimmy Choos and Boxed Wine

  1. Liz Marshall says:

    That last one with the box of wine clean house candle and pjs sounds wonderful!

  2. Deb Marshall says:

    Oh my gosh. This is one of my favourite posts you’ve written. So true how our dreams change and with humour and insight you show that yes, it is the simple things in live.

    p.s. yeah on the list thing…I can see that causing panic.

  3. jeffren21 says:

    i also love your dreams, they are beautiful 🙂 as are you

  4. jeffren21 says:

    HAHAHAHAAHA, i love it cause i love your list making abililty;you must be really good at it in your dreams, and your ability to misplace things :-), i love you. The whole list thing is hilarious cause it happened today

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