A Guilt Free Christmas


December 4, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

MH900439764Seeing as we have made it to December already (boy this year has gone by fast) I thought I would have myself a little Christmas themed post. December is my favorite time of year. All days leading up to Christmas I find enjoyable. Right around mid November does my Christmasy spirit start to ooze into my veins. The decorations, the baking, advent calendars and … ahem… baileys in my coffee. The cozy nights watching holiday movies curled up on the couch with pine and cinnamon scented candles glowing around the living room. Craft time with the children, making decorations for the tree, or writing letters to Santa. Hot chocolate and melting marshmallows. New comfy pajamas decorated with Santa or reindeer, fuzzy slippers, warm house coats. Christmas music and singing carols with the girls. The excitement that I get to re live through the kids, the childhood traditions and memories I get to pass down to them. There are just so many reasons, for me, that make this time of year my absolute favorite.

I have a confession to make though. There are many underlying reason that make this season the best. Don’t get me wrong, all those previously mentioned reasons still make my Christmasy heart beat, but there are a few extra advantages I have yet to explain.

MH900331434Let us begin with list making. I’m sure by now you all are aware of my somewhat over the top obsession with list making, there is not much explaining I need to do in that respect. This time of year, for me at least, consists of an abundance of it. I get to make Christmas gift lists, for Belly, for Jade, for Chelsie and Jeff, for the dogs and the cat. A list for stocking stuffers, lists for other family members. Lists of names of those we must send cards to, lists of those who will get pictures in those cards. List of extras, like decorations, wrapping paper, tape, anything under the sun you might think one might need for the Christmas season. Mix all that with my every day to do lists and grocery lists and, well pretty much I’m in heaven. I get to write, re-write, and re-write again, the budget in attempts to squeeze as much money into Christmas shopping as is possible. I mean really, there is just no end! There is no other time of year that requires list making to an extent such as this.

MH900238108Now I am sure we can all agree that with Christmas comes baking. Cookies, cakes, muffins, and caramel popcorn. It is the one time of year I feel that every women, and even some men, turn a little domestic. Everyone and their cats are baking up goodies for Christmas, and lots of it. Not only do we bake here for the pure joy of it, but it also brings with it a certain smell that just reminds you of Christmas, like shortbread cookies and ginger bread men. We do it, friends do it, family members do it. We are all drowning in an ocean of sugary treats and fluffy cakes. We can not simply let it all go to waste. There is absolutely no need to make all these things, and accept gifts of these things, and have it all just end up in the garbage. NO NO NO we must eat all the sweets! Not one single person is going to judge you for eating ginger bread cookies for breakfast and having pumpkin pie with your hot chocolate for dinner. Because they themselves ate 10 sugar cookies and a slice of fruit cake for lunch. Besides, December is like a free pass, new years is creeping up on us, and I will simply make my resolution to be that I will lose the 15lbs in pastry goodness that I gained over the past month.

MH900014664Lets not forget about rum and eggnog and hot apple ciders, flavored coffees with a little splash of baileys, wines and champagne. The Christmas season is again that one time of year where you get a guilt free pass. To becoming a temporary alcoholic. It becomes not only socially acceptable but nearly the norm. Having a coffee? Oh heck its the holiday season, put a little baileys in there. What is eggnog with out rum? Is there any other way to enjoy this deliciously festive beverage? And what is better then a hot apple cider with a shot of spiced rum while you sit beside the fire after shoveling the sidewalk? People stock up on wine, for bringing as party favors, giving a gifts, having a glass while watching Christmas specials once the kids have gone to bed. We make rum balls and beer basted roast turkeys. We buy chocolate, flavored with Jack Daniels and other varieties of hard alcohol, and the ever more popular kinds that are actually filled with it. We drink booze, we eat booze, heck, if it wasn’t just way to far out there, we would probably bath in it and call it all in the name of the Christmas spirit!

MH900098149For those women out there, and in my opinion especially mothers, this is the best. Shopping, we shop till we drop and we enjoy each and every money sucking minute of it. There is no better time of year to use the excuse to go out shopping every single day, and for us moms it might be the only time of year we get to do THAT much shopping WITHOUT the kids. “Oh honey, I can’t take the girls with me, they can’t see what I am buying them” and you are free!!! For a magical few hours of child-free retail therapy. Need to go shopping the next day… and the next one? That is absolutely all right, you don’t want to miss any sales. There is no other month were women across the globe could literally “go shopping” everyday and not one person would judge them. There is also the topic of you yourself not having to feel guilty. There will never come any time during the rest of the year where I will be able to spend this much money on toys for the girls, or getting Jeff awesome things. This is the ONLY time were I can spend this kind of money and at the end of the day feel absolutely wonderful about it.

MH900363594So clearly you can see why December is obviously the best month of the year. Between eating and drinking, list making and shopping, it just can not be beat. Any month that can take the guilt out of all that AND where you get to spend time with the family, is a wonderful month in my books. Comfy pajamas and Christmas stories, the smell of freshly baked ginger bread and candy canes. Making snow men and snow angels, tobogganing and drinking hot chocolate. Sleep overs under the Christmas tree with beautiful excited little girls, snuggles and Christmas movies. There is just no month that can top this for me.

Until Saturday! Tata!

Becky A.M


3 thoughts on “A Guilt Free Christmas

  1. LOVE this cause you nailed all the greatness of December–and I didn’t even realize the whole list making, shopping shopping thing, but yep yep I love it too.

  2. Zoe says:

    Well you know I agree! Definately can not beat Christmas!

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