A Dinner Time Battle

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December 8, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

MH900233650Oh dinner time, we have a love hate relationship you and I. Not only do I love to eat delicious food, I also enjoy cooking. Where the hate comes in is when that evil villain, exhaustion, sneaks its ugly self into my after noon. Sure I have mouths to feed, sure its important to eat healthy meals. Yet somehow exhaustion swoops in and trumps all that, forcing me to bend to it’s whim and feed every one boxed noodles and processed powdered cheese. Now I make meal plans, and I, in the glory of it, go a little crazy with it. Monday will be chicken casserole and steamed veggies with a side of rice, Tuesday will be a ham and scalloped potatoes with garlic bread, Wednesday is pork-chops in a mushroom sauce and roasted potatoes with a ceaser salad, you get the idea. Today we are going to talk about how things work in the world of reality and not meal plan writing bliss.

I want to start out by letting you all know that when I write my meal plans I also write, along side that, my grocery list. So here I am, not merely just enjoying the writing of my meal plan, but also letting my imagination run wild with the anticipation of all the delicious goodness that we will be picking up at the grocery store. This, I believe, is my first error. I allow myself to get excited by all the possible fantastic dinners that I can conjure up with my newly acquired stock in my pantry and fridge. When in reality exhaustion is hiding behind the corners waiting to drop in at any moment.

MH900055346Monday might go well, we will have a wonderful, well made, great tasting dinner and we will all go to bed feeling full with our satisfied bellies. Tuesday might even work out to have the same results. Then its Wednesday, it will have been an ok day. I probably will have gotten a lot done, much like the days before. Maybe I sit down to watch a movie with the Chels while the girls have their last nap of the day. Little do I know that my arch-nemesis awaits these very moments (I shouldn’t say “little do I know” really, I know full well). Exhaustion peeks its head around the corner. “Think you are going to make something spectacular for dinner this evening? ~insert evil laugh here~”. This is about the time I fall asleep on the couch with my bug (Chelsie) only to wake up at 5 pm, more tired then I was before and not feeling like doing one darn thing for dinner. Knowing the fam needs to eat, I shuffle myself to the pantry to dig through the back (you know the area where we keep all that stuff no-one really wants to eat) and pull out a can of ravioli. Sure, I’ll tell myself if I grate some cheese on top of this and pair it with some buttered bread it’ll do. So much for pork-chops.

MH900391608This is about the time of week were I hit a downward spiral. Already my sneaky adversary has managed to throw a wrench into the meal plan, and I am now a day behind. Not only that but chances are, in my weakened state of mind, I have totally forgotten to defrost anything in the freezer. Not feeling like having ravioli again but also not having anything thawed out to cook I am then forced to brainstorm. No thank you would be steak and baked potatoes, instead we feast on chicken fingers and french fries tonight! I then try to remember to take the steak out to thaw over night, so that we may eat that for dinner the next night, but some how during the extensive process of pre-heating the oven and putting the fries in to cook, it slips my mind.

MH900389724I am also convince that my dastardly foe hinds its devilish power of persuasion inside my computer. I am certain that this computer (which yes I have atop my lap this very moment) is in cahoots with exhaustion, that they must have some sort of agreement that allows it to seep inside my computer screen and hypnotize me into being tired. In fact this works for any time of the day, not merely just dinner time, however since that is the topic of hand of course that is what we will discuss. At times I must remind myself to not go on the computer at any time that might be drawing near to dinner. Once I sit down to do just about anything on here, I begin to get sleepy. Usually I will end up putting the laptop down and getting cozy on the couch to relax, because clearly, computer usage is a daunting task. Mix that with the fact that I still have yet to take anything out of the freezer, and we are ordering pizza tonight!

After a good few days of letting exhaustion take over, and allowing it to win the battle, I will decide enough is enough! NO computer today! NO naps today! I will search every corner, and avoid every hidey hole. I will not let you win anymore!! Back to the meal plan I go. Since I am now so far behind, I choose to throw the order away and simply pick a meal from any of those days. Back on track, I manage to put together a delicious rack of lamb, veggies, mashed potatoes and garlic bread.

MH900357967So, now you have gotten a glimpse of how my meal plans really work. Consider this post a bit of a confession. The next round of meal plan writing will arise and I will promise you that this will happen again. I doubt that things will even change, exhaustion is just to powerful for me and I am willing to admit defeat in that respect. Thats why people invented “left over day” right? Though in this house hold we call it “free for all” night, which basically means, tonight I do not have anything planned and you will eat whatever I have in the fridge or in the pantry that manages to make it to your plate… or whatever your father gives you.

Until Tuesday! Tata!

Becky A.M


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