A Letter of Anger

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December 11, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

MH900370984I have done it again. Waited until the day before a scheduled post to write said post. I feel like I have a fairly good excuse though so I am going to take full advantage of it! Might I warn you before we get too far in here, that this may just just be the shortest, least witty post from me to date. I sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart for not providing you all with a wonderfully funny Tuesday post… but well, I am a very large baby when it comes to being sick, and that I am. I powered through the first couple days of this cold like a super hero! Saturday, house cleaning during the day, Christmas party at night. Sunday, MORE house cleaning during the day, decorating and birthday party during the evening (my Bella turned 3!). But boy, I tell you, once that birthday party was over, I crashed real good. Monday morning, same routine, up with all the girls to get Chels ready and to the bus stop and then back home to sit on the couch and let cartoons babysit my children (mother of the year right?). I spent most of the day feeling sorry for myself and making a big whimpering deal about having to get up off the couch to do anything (seriously I told you, very.large.baby). So having said all that I thought it would be fitting today to have the topic be about being sick, also because I a)waited till last minute to write this, and b)my sick brain was drawing a blank about anything else to write about. Today however, will be a little different from my normal posts though, I have a very important message to send to a certain “something”, so here goes.

Dear Common Cold,

get out of my house you stinkin germ!

get out of my house you stinkin germ!

Rebecca here, first of all I just want to NOT thank you for gracing us with your presence. I sincerely believe you have over stayed your welcome… or rather your “not-so-welcome”, but over stayed non the less. This letter comes to you with a tip of how to do your job more effectively, not only for me but for you as well. While I am aware that it is inevitable that you grace every household at least once every now and then, I believe that you could cut your time, therefore your work, in half by simply doing this. As horrible as it sounds, next time would you just go ahead and get everyone sick at the same time? You see when you choose to jump from one person to the next in a household with so many people, your time spent here ends up being very lengthy. I would much rather deal with a house full of sick for a week or two and then get back to normal, rather than have a new sicky every second week. There is no need to spend nearly 2 and a half months in one house, that just doesn’t seem very time effective to me. I could see how you may think that by only attacking one person at a time you may be, in fact, helping me, but you are wrong and I would like you to pack your things and leave now.

I hope this does NOT find you well.

The coldest of regards,

Please leave us alone now.

Rebecca. M.

So now I believe that I am going to get back to my couch, my blanket and my tea, and continue my sniffling pouts and my feeling sorry for myself. Again I apologize for my short post today. To sort of attempt to make up for it I will leave you with a funny I found that might describe to you exactly how I felt this morning when Jeff woke me up.

mad cat

Until Saturday! Tata!

Becky A.M


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