Time for a Brain Break… I mean Christmas Holiday…


December 15, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

First of all I just want to send my thoughts out to those who were and are affected by the horror that happened in Connecticut yesterday morning. No words could even come close to describing how unimaginably terrifying that must have been for the staff and the children at that elementary school. To the family’s and friends who lost a loved one, to the mothers and fathers who lost their babies, and to all the little ones who now have to try to wrap their growing minds around what happened, when there is no understanding to be had, my heart breaks for you and my thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Sorry to start the post off with such a tragic start, but I felt it important to say something with regards to what happened.

On another note, today’s post will be the last of the year 2012. With the holiday creeping behind the corner and the new year at it’s heels I believe now is the perfect time to take a little break! All the TV shows are doing it and Chels will be on break soon as well so I thought, HEY I’ll do it too! (Secretly I am just using this as an excuse to have a little brain break and fill my “funny ideas for blog posts” bank back up).

MH900411085As we draw nearer to Christmas and all that holiday goodness my days feel as if they are getting a little bit more busy every minute that passes. With last minute shopping, pictures and getting Christmas cards together, Christmas concerts, wrapping, planning and my newest adventure of becoming an Avon representative, everything is seeming that much more hectic. Now is the season for Christmas movie nights and building snowmen, sledding and baking, and between all that I just feel like I have no time! I would just love to write you all a wonderful and witty blog, but alas it is of grave importance to this households holiday enjoyment that we have movie night. Therefore I regrettably must leave you with a post where I go into a  unnecessarily long explanation justifying why I am taking a blog break.

My hope is that when I am back in the new year I will come back refreshed and full of wonderful stories to satisfy my next few months of blog posts! That and maybe even a few tid bits of Christmas and New Year funnies that are bound to arise when family and friends get together over the holidays. Oh it is sure to be wild, Id imagine there will be some pretty spectacular stories to tell when I get back, who knows what kind of shenanigans will happe…….. ah who am I kidding! But yes, cheers to a refreshed brain and new material! I plan on spending the remainder of this year soaking up the festivities, making new awesome memories with my girls and letting my abilities to relax and be lazy come to it’s fullest potential.

Now since I wont be back to write until next year I want to say that I had a blast over these past couple months writing this blog! These days have sped by so quickly I hardly know where all the time has ran off too. It feels like I just started doing this a couple weeks ago and here we are heading towards the end of this year already!

MH900057201 Yesterday we all got a horrific reminder not to ever take for granted the time we have with the people who hold our hearts. Everyone hug their babies (your big babies too) extra tight today, and every day. Be grateful for every second, squeeze as much fun out of every minute, make as many memories in every moment, and make sure to say thank-you every morning you have the privilege to wake up and share the world with them.

Until Next Year. Tata!

Becky AM


One thought on “Time for a Brain Break… I mean Christmas Holiday…

  1. Tata my, Beck….a big hug from me and Grandpa AND we were just talking about how proud we are of both our girls. As always, a fantastic post. My heart goes out to Newtown, too.

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