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January 5, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

HELLO! Here I am back and brain refreshed! I hope that everyone had only the most fantastic of holidays and time spent with family and/or friends. It was a wonderful little break, not only from the blog it seems, but from real life as well. With Chels off from school and the holidays there to greet us, it was a mixture of busy relaxation and productive laziness. Although my daily duties that revolve around Chelsie’s school, the blog, Jeff’s work days, my attempt at selling Avon, were not a priority through the holidays, with that laziness came a busyness of a different sort. A wonderful break non the less. I have to say though, that I am relieved to get back to the world as normal now.

With my little time off I also had the opportunity to build a sort of tower of blog ideas inside my head. Funny tid bits here, laugh-out-load-oh-boy-I-gotta-write-that-down moments there. That brings me quickly right to the first topic of the new year! As we have just made our way through another holiday season I feel it particularly fitting to have this welcome back post be about that said holiday season! Through out which I gathered a few many yup-that’s-going-on-my-blog ideas.

December2012 071Christmas eve, that’s as good of a place to start as any. The favored tradition of putting cookies or sweets to a plate, a cold glass of milk, maybe even a carrot or two, all for Santa to fill his belly and treat his reindeer while he makes the long trip around the world on Christmas eve night. The excitement in my house, as I would imagine in many, was nearly unbearable! Every 2 minutes being asked if now is the time to put Santa’s treats out. When it came that time, of course, Chelsie darts into the kitchen to get a plate together. Four different varieties of cookie, so that Santa may have a choice, you know, in case he doesn’t like a particular kind. After hearing a good amount of fussing around in the kitchen I decided to ask Chelsie what she was up to. She responded by telling me, quite seriously, that she was just getting Santa a glass of water. Hmm I thought? I asked why she had decided to give Santa water and, again very serious, she says because she thought he had a lot of milk from everyone else. I let her know that it was because we were fairly certain that Santa enjoyed milk. This was when I was told “Yes but Daddy said earlier that he was concerned with Santa’s diet… so I thought water might be better for him”. Well as you can imagine Santa indeed got water that night, after an answer like that there was just no possible way I could imagine not letting her. After all, our health is most important, and Santa is Santa but he is indeed still human! (I mean it worked out because mommy and daddy Santa actually rather prefers water to milk anyhow.)

Now that brings me to tradition number two. Or rather more likely the number one tradition, which is stockings. I just want to start off by saying this. I don’t know about anyone else but my children have always been a fan of socks. Not so much that they enjoy wearing them more then playing with them, but they have always enjoyed getting them, looking at them, putting them on and taking them off, their feet, their hands, their dolls, what have you. It is certainly a world of joy for them, even though I may not understand it myself. There was a time in my life however when I specifically remember HATING getting socks for Christmas (although I can’t say the same applies now, I freaking love socks). Anyway, all I will say is this, I believe this year was the year, for my lovely Chelsie, where she got to that age when getting socks in more like an aaawww-maaaannn then a wooo-hoooo!December2012 081

Newyear20122013 006This brings me to my last thing. This, in the tradition of giving, is about how some things make for the best present even when others may look at it and think it the worst. Partly because I want to engage you in my excitement over what I got for Christmas, among many other things, and also in part because… well actually it is just because I’m excited about it. I GOT A VCR FOR CHRISTMAS! Thats right, a V C R…!! My excitement over this is never ending. Now before you all start thinking “Really? In the year in which we live and your significant other gets you a crappy old video tape machine for watching old VHS tapes that no one makes or sells anymore? What a cheap non exciting gift.” YOU ARE WRONG! I know I can not be the only one who loves to listen to old CD’s we have found stored away from when we were younger, bringing back memories, reminding you why you loved those songs so much. The same goes for movies. Now I have had a big box full of old VHS movies stored away under my stairs forever. I had no VCR to watch them on and yet not the heart to give them away or get rid of them, so in a dusty old box they sat. We have looked into purchasing a DVD/VCR before as those are still available to buy from most any electronic store (although for how much longer I’m not sure). However, given our tight budget and the fact that we already own two DVD players, spending upwards of 100 and something dollars just didn’t seem reasonable, not to watch some poor quality old movies anyway. But when I opened up my gift of an old VCR from Value Village I was ecstatic! Every time I go through my old movies to watch something now I get excited at the fact that I actually have means to watch them again. To share old childhood favorites with my girls, to be able to watch the Disney princess movies now, without having to wait until they come out of their stupid vault and then pay a ridiculous price just to own an old movie. This is exciting stuff you know!

MH900190865So here we are in the new year now. Ready to take on another 365 days worth of life. I take with me into this new year my thankfulness that I even have the opportunity to have another one, but also my motivation to make this one better then all the rest. That and my VCR with The Princess and the Goblin, Wild America and all my other treasures in that box sitting next to my still standing Christmas tree.

Remember, as cheesy and cliche as is sounds, its not the price that matters its the thought, and also I believe the joy that comes from that thought.

A late happy New Years to you all! SO glad to be back and at it once more.

Until Tuesday! Tata!

Becky A.M


One thought on “Back In Business!

  1. Zoe says:

    That’s great! I look forward to watching some VHS movies when we come to visit in March!

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