Mommys Gone Crazy!


January 12, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

MH900304311Today’s inspiration, like many of my other ideas for blog posts, comes from my sister. She is sort of my brain storming ideas bank, she always has a new thought or idea that she passes along to me that I then attempt to conjure up enough funny to make it a good blog post. During our ritual phone conversation today she had a little story to share with to go along with an idea for a great topic (one that to be quite honest I have no idea why I haven’t thought of it already). Once while doing laundry she was taking some clothes out of the dryer and had notice that there were bits of wood in and amongst the clothing. Immediately her initial thought went to “Oh crap… the dryer is breaking” and it wasn’t until after having had that thought that she quickly reminded herself that dryers are, in fact, NOT made out of wood. Now, let me point out that my sisters hair color is not blonde, no no, she… is a mom. And that! Is the topic of this blog post, Mom brain.

Many people know, or have heard, that during pregnancy you might go a little loopy, forgetful, what have you. The blame is usually put on the pregnancy its self, the hormones mixed with stress and and other factors such as having to deal with the many side effects that come with growing a real live human being inside of your body. I will tell you right now (if you are not a mother of course, because if you are, chances are you are already fully aware of this fact), this does NOT go away after having baby, no, and I would even go as far as to say that I believe it gets worse! You add your lack of sleep, busy days, drainage of energy by your energy thieves, attempting to multitask a million and 500 things at one time, the list goes on.

MH910217502Now this is not to say you go stupid, really I have no explanation for it besides momentarily losing your head, suffering a bout of memory loss, who knows. I think where a lot of it stems is from attempting to do one thing while you are thinking about how you have to do another thing. A good example of this would be the many times I have put the milk in the pantry instead of the fridge. I have no explanation for why it is always the milk except that cereal is a popular choice in breakfast food for our household. In the mornings while getting Chels her breakfast, and thinking about how I still have to make her lunch, I will find myself, after having made said breakfast, running in a hurry to the pantry to put the cereal away and grab lunch bag goodies and going to toss the milk in there as well, cereal still left a-sitting on the counter. This one incident would not come as alarming, given that is was quickly resolved as I noticed my mistake before finishing it, but this happens often, coffee pot in the fridge, box of granola bars in the cupboards. Once even having found my cell phone mixed in with the laundry in the laundry basket because apparently I thought that it needed to visit with the socks while I was folding the underwear.

I know I am not the only one who experiences these momentary lapses in sanity. Even when I was younger I remember my mother making similar mistakes. Having a friend over and having that friend be offered some tea and then first being handed a cup with a tea bag and no water. After noticing that mistake then attempting to fix the problem by filling the cup with cold water. My sister told me once that my mom put salt in her coffee for her, instead of sugar, which I am certain is a most common mistake to be had. I can`t tell you what her mind was preoccupied with at the time. I remember thinking how hilarious it was. It was only when I grew older, had children of my own, and experienced these same symptoms of mom brain, that I understood.

MH900089968Things like mixing up children’s names in a rush to get their attention is a sure sign of mom brain. Calling Belly Chelsie or calling Jade Belly. Forgetting, whilst in a hurry to get everyone out the door that you are supposed to take your slippers off and put your shoes on. Washing a load of laundry 3 times before it finally makes it`s journey to the dryer, because you keep forgetting and end up leaving it sitting wet in the machine 3 nights in a row. Going into the kitchen and forgetting why you went in there in the first place, re-tracing your steps by going back to the living room and then forgetting why you went into the living room. Am I the only one? Getting interrupted mid sentence and then upon attempting to continue the conversation forgetting completely what it is that you were just talking about, all you can think about now is how your oldest daughter just told you that your youngest daughter just drew tiger stripes all over her body with red and blue markers. Come on, I know I can`t be the only one.

MH900383592If you suffer from mom brain, know this. You do not suffer alone. Moms across the world suffer from the symptoms of mom brain, it is a very real problem. Those who suffer from mom brain may find themselves lost in the kitchen without a purpose. There is no cure for mom brain, only steps one can take to help deal with and come to terms with it. Those living with mom brain can live a fulfilled and happy life if they can master this one thing. Humor. If you can laugh at yourself… then you can laugh with others laughing at you.

Until Saturday! Ta ta!

Becky A.m


4 thoughts on “Mommys Gone Crazy!

  1. Zoe's mom says:

    There is hope …………….your kids will grow up and leave home one day , then your mom brain will no longer be “mom brain” , but instead will be known as having “senior moments”!
    That is still a long long way ahead for you!
    Sounds like you are really enjoying life with your little ones, I really enjoy reading your entertaining blog posts.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lol that was to funny. I have done all of those!

  3. jeffren21 says:

    haahhaahahahaha crazy mama it is saturday 🙂

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