Just One Of Those Days


January 22, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

MH900044907Back to the world of smelly bums, sticky fingers, knotty hair and dirty laundry! Today’s topic is a very well know phenomenon, common in parents of young children, common in parents with children of any age really. In fact it is quite common with people who are human in general! It is called having “one of those days”. I can just imagine a world of internet readers nodding their heads right now. We all know exactly what I am talking about. I would take a wild guess and say not one human being on this planet has not or will not experience AT LEAST one “one of those days”.

cartoon_drawing_of_a_mad_man_in_a_straightjacket__insane__crazy__cuckoo_0515-1007-0603-5227_SMUThey make your head figuratively explode, or make it feel like it literally is going to. You may experience the sudden urge to violently rip out your hair. You might even find yourself attempting to breath-in-breath-out-breath-in-breath-out, closing your eyes while doing so and attempting with every inch of your strength to keep your brain from snapping. No one wants to come home to a mom cowering in the corner of the living room, rocking back and forth and mumbling insanely the lyrics to twinkle twinkle little star.

yea I have used this clip art before... oh well

yea I have used this clip art before… oh well

The best days like that, are the ones that go so horribly wrong that you feel like you are in one of those movies or TV shows portraying a busy mom who has the devil’s spawns for children. You know, the scenes where mom is trying to talk on the phone and wash the dishes at the same time. Crazy child #1 runs past, bumping into her, causing her to break a plate and then while cleaning that up (while simultaneously still attempting to have a phone conversation) crazy child #2 and #3 are tearing apart the living room and knocking over house plants. Rubbing salt to the open wound, crazy child #1 is now in the bathroom painting the walls with daddy’s shaving cream…… yea THOSE kind of days… they’re the best!

Some may experience “one of those days” periodically throughout the months. One every now and then, maybe with weeks of blissful days apart from each other. Others may have to deal with it more often, and some (who are the ones who apparently found the fountain of luck) may only find themselves having “one of those days” once or twice a year. We don’t like those people, we don’t like them because they lie, they lie because that is just simply not possible… or because we are jealous.

6017739_f260Although it is so common for parents to have days like this, it never was something I wrote down for a topic to talk about. That is, until my sister called me to tell me about her day. I believe it was not quite 1 in the afternoon when I got the call. She was having “one of those days” and boy was it ever!

Immediately after telling me all about her morning (which I tried not to laugh about… but its hard not to… and she was laughing too so its OK… I’m curious now to know if she was talking with me while sitting in the corner of her living room…) I asked her if she could send me an email with the point notes of how her day went, I was defiantly going to have to write about this!

Clip-Art-Cluttered1-300x238This is what she sent to me…

-woke up a half hour late

In order that everything happened starting at 8
-Nevaeh breaks up muffin on floor
-while I clean, toilet paper gets ripped up put in toilet and taken out of toilet
-while I clean, Nevaeh dumps glass of water
-nap time (yay)
-Nevaeh fills salad bowl, dumps on kitchen floor
-while cleaning, she pees on floor
-while cleaning, another roll of tp torn apart
-autumn fall, cuts inside of mouth
-loaf of bread every where
-spray myself in the face with water
-spill spaghetti sauce on pants
– nap time (YAY!!!)
And its only 1:30…. Would love a drink lol

I would too Liz… I would too.

Until Saturday!!

Becky A.M.

Also PS… I apologize for the short post today… I can’t say I am having “one of those days” just a lazy one!


2 thoughts on “Just One Of Those Days

  1. liz says:

    Lol why yes that was one crazy day that just wouldn’t end! Love this post to funny and true.

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