A Once in a Life Time Opportunity!


January 26, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall


YAY for writing!

So here I am, sitting in front of the computer, trying my hardest to think of a good topic for my  Saturday post and having an absolute brain fart. I am at a loss today and am having writers block it seems (that seems to be happening too often for my liking). Running through all my ideas and I stumbled upon the idea my sister gave me a while back of writing a fourth installment to the “Diary of’s” that I had written previously about how my girls days go. This one being MY diary of! Then after having written in my actual journal I decided to do just that! Although a little differently from the others, this time I thought I would simply just share with you one of my actual journal entries!

I like to think this is a brilliant idea, however my internal self reminds me that it is really just me being lazy and re-writing something that I have already written because I can’t think of anything else to write about… sigh…. either way I thought it might be kind of neat. My journal is mine, my own, and no one not even Jeff has ever read the pages inside it, in all the years I have been writing journals. Not because it is full of juicy secrets and gossip, but merely because that is just the way journals work, is it not? So for the first time EVER I will be sharing with the world an entry of mine-my-own journal! (I kind of wish I was famous because I feel this would be a bit more interesting to read, rather then “Oh yay random journal entry from random person, EX-CITE-ING!” but so be it”). I mean really you should feel privileged that you get an exclusive glimpse into the pages of my secret diary… hahaha oh I kill myself.

Without further ado… here is the ridiculously exciting fourth-ish installment in the Diary’s Of!

Jan 23/2013

Good morning! It is about 9 am. First of all I will start off by quickly going through my afternoon out with my mother from last Thursday. I feel like I don’t have time to write all this  to be honest, but I also feel like I have put it off for too long, so here goes!

YAY for spending money!

YAY for spending money!

Jeff dropped my mom and I off downtown by the Open Door and we made our way down the main street of downtown. Stopping first at The Book-nook, a used bookstore that reminds me of a place you would find somewhere in Europe (including it being run by a man with a British accent). Small but wonderful, floor to ceiling books, small cramped isles and a maze of rooms and spaces behind rooms and spaces. There I got the books, The Great Gatsby, Lord of the Flies, Night (my THIRD purchase of this book and I WILL NOT be lending this one to anyone this time) and a copy of the third book in the Odd series by Dean Koontz. We then did some window shopping on our way to our next stop which was the Vernon Teach and Learn, a very large toy/educational/teaching supplies store. I could have spent hours in there and it was nice to browse around without the girls, who I am sure that in a store like that, would have gone a little insane. There I got the girls a little craft and each of them a tiny animal figurine. We then window shopped some more, got a little lost, and then back tracked until we finally found our previously chosen restaurant of choice, The Bamboo Beach Fusion Grille. For lunch I got tempura shrimp and a bowl of sushi rice underneath cubed avocado and slices of raw tuna (there is a specific name for the dish but I can’t remember) and for dessert I got some green tea ice-cream! Next was across the street to Welk Mart were I got my yarn and knitting needles and then to Daffodil lily’s which is a vintage 50’s 60’s and 70’s shop. There I fell in love with a beautiful 50’s jacket that was more money then I had left to spend, but the lady convinced me to try it on anyway which in turn convinced my mom to buy it for me. THANKS MOM!!! Last but not least was Ebenezer’s, another used book store/comic bookstore/video-game store/action figure store/geek shop where I got only one book called Jinx. This is were Jeff picked us up again. This was also the day that Jeff and Chelsie went grocery shopping and we ordered dinner from The Rice Box!

YAY for cleaning!

YAY for cleaning!

Now quickly back to today! LOTS of cleaning, Jeff has a friend coming over this afternoon and I need this house to be clean. The kitchen table and the deep freeze need to be washed of the chocolate pudding stains (don’t ask) as well as both needing a de-clutter. The living room, kitchen and hallway need a vacuum. Have to dust real quick in the living room and spray the couches so they smell nice. Lots of clean dishes to put away and counters to de-crumb and wipe down.  A bathroom sink and counter to wash (it is toothpaste city in there) and a hallway to clear (mostly just have to hang up everyone’s jackets). I feel like I just can’t keep up anymore, but really it is just because I have been rather inactive lately. Well at least inactive in the sense that I spend a lot of time on the couch. I have to been doing a lot, like knitting, working on my novel, reading/researching and blog writing, all of which allow me to sit down, I have got to get back into a better cleaning routine, not to say the house is a disaster, but it’s getting cluttered. Also at some point possibly today I have to get a lady’s Avon order to her, this will depend on her reply to the email I sent, she may decide to meet up tomorrow or Friday. Either way I also need to write up an invoice and get her product packaged, get a brochure ready with my contact info and expire date and then put it in its clear and pretty little bag. AND also at some point I need to work on my blog post for Saturday, I really want to keep on top of writing it ahead of time and it is already Wednesday and I have yet to even figure out a topic. And LASTLY, but not a priority I would like to finish reading my book!

YAY for making myself look human!

YAY for making myself look human!

Now onto my day up until now. This morning went as normal except that I managed to pull myself out of bed at 6 am!! That meant that I was done everything and had Chels all ready by 20 to 7 and I got to sit and relax with Chels for a few, before I had to go wake the babies and then for another 10 minutes before I had to get them all bundled, out the door and in the stroller to take Chels to the bus stop. When we got home we all unbundled and I did a quick living room clean. Sat down to check all my internet stuff and emailed that lady about her Avon arriving. I did my hair and make up for no other reason but that I have just joined instagram and I wanted to take a picture of myself. Got the babies a snack and then did another quick tidy. Wrote in you for a little bit before taking a break (which you can’t tell I did because I am just that sneaky) and putting Mae down for her morning nap, getting myself dressed and getting Belly washed off and set up on the couch to play some games on the Tablet. Daddy called on lunch break and we talked for a few minutes and then back to writing in you once more! Now Belly is tablet playing and cartoon watching, Mae is napping and obviously here I am. Now I believe it is time that I put you away and get on with my day so I say my usual TATA!

(and then I sign my name because for some reason it has become a habit)

And there you have it! A once in a life time opportunity to peek into the journal that is mine, sorry for the lack of juicy. Now after having typed all that up I really SHOULD! get on with my day, one thing crossed off my to do list, blog written? CHECK!

Until Tuesday! Tata!

Becky A.M


2 thoughts on “A Once in a Life Time Opportunity!

  1. Deb Marshall says:

    I loved getting a sneak peak…hah, something all parents dream of, right? Thanks for the share and for the awesome shopping trip! Go go GO on all that writing, blogging and knitting of yours…!

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