Warning: Couches May Cause Weight Gain!


February 9, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

MH900250625February and the weather is getting more and more beautiful as the days go by. Snow just about non-existent, day’s are sunny, +4 degrees Celsius, +5 and sometimes, not often, a plus +7 comes for a visit. Small bits of rain, which I hadn’t actually thought I would miss after all the rain we got in November. Spring seems to be peeking its head in on us already and I am loving it! All that and this post has absolutely nothing to do with February or the coming of spring. Today’s post is about exercise, working out, and being active as a whole.

The winter blues really got to me this year for some reason, which is a wonder because we had the most mild winter I have experienced here since we moved from Alberta. Didn’t get any snow really until nearly the end of December and it feels as if we really only got 2 months of wintery wonderland. But got to me it did, that which I will not go into detail. However when the weather started getting nicer, the sun started coming out to play more often, the snow started melting, something happened to my energy level. I decided to start myself a new routine, a more active routine, cut my couch time in half if you will.

We are just going to jump right into it now. Do you KNOW how hard it is to workout/exercise in a living room full of children and dogs??

for lack of a better dog cartoon I decided on this one... because it was cute.

for lack of a better dog cartoon I decided on this one… because it was cute.

My first bout of exercise consisted of crunches, jumping jacks, lunges, and a ridiculous amount of weight lifting with a ridiculously light pair of weights. (All we have in the house are a set of 5lbs… I suppose it could be worse at least they aren’t 1lb). I had managed to get Belly and Jade down for a nap so it was just me and Chels and the puppies. Now my first sign that I really don`t do this often enough is that I think I confused the crap out of the dog. Seriously, during the crunches I was attacked by constant kissing, laying her head on my stomach, whimpering, running away, coming back, doing it all over again. She could just not figure out what the heck I was doing! I believe I got more exercise constantly pushing away a 50+lb dog made of pure muscle then I actually did doing the crunches.

MH900022502OK I gave up, ON TO THE NEXT! I decided to do my jumping jacks. Kiki was equally confused at this, jumping around apparent excitement, Shyla even decided to drag herself from her slumber to see what the ruckus was about. I was hopping around, arms flaying counting out loud, Kiki was running back and forth from the living room to the kitchen and back, Shyla was continuously attempting to get close to me and continuously backing away, Chelsie was trying her hand at jumping jacks as well but her pants kept falling down. Hysteric laughter of a 6 year old, crazy dogs and I was sadly already getting tired, 60 jumping jacks later and I gave up that too.

Its OK! I`ll lift weights, perfect, no laying on the ground needed, no jumping around, just me standing in place (I chose to stand you see, I am trying to stay OFF my butt, doing anything that required me to sit seemed counter productive). So I began. The dogs calm. Kiki decided to go lay, she was all working out worked out, Shyla returned to her usual safe house under the kitchen table. Chels sat on the floor to watch. Wonderful music playing in the back ground, ah this is much better…

“Hey mom…”


“How come you are doing all this?”

“Oh just to get active”

“Are you trying to get rid of all that fat that the couch gave you?”


I apologize.. my clip art picking skills are lacking on this topic

I apologize.. my clip art picking skills are lacking on this topic

Lastly, after explaining to her in better words why I was doing this, although to be honest she was not exactly wrong, I decided to do lunges. The dogs decided that they were too tired to bother seeing what was going on. Chelsie decided that she was going to do more jumping jacks and tied a piece of yarn around her pants like a belt in preparation. AANNDD THEN the babies woke up. Yelling with their faces squished up on the floor against the bottom of the door “MOOMMAAYY?? LET MEEE OUT????”

Well I can`t say it was exactly an unsuccessful first go at it at least.

The next day was much the same, although I was unable to successfully nap both the children during my little allotted exercise time. Belly and Chels both with me this time. Most every thing went the same as it had the day before except that this time Chelsie had pants on that fit better. The only difference now was that every 3 minutes or so my demanding little ruler of all would interrupt to either have me do something for her or get something for her. When I managed to convince her highness to exercise with us she then saw it fit that I carry her while simultaneously attempting to still do lunges (which I do admit was quite the work out). About half way through round 2 of my new routine I was then convinced that, rather then do what I was doing, I should actually be dancing around the living room with baby dolls to the music I had playing on the radio.

Still not totally unsuccessful really, I did exactly what I was hoping to do and that was being more active.

MH900446226Now I am just about 2 weeks into this new routine of mine and with the exception of yesterday I have managed to keep up with exercising each day. Some day`s with the girls some with just the dogs. Babies standing on my feet during sit ups, babies doing their extremely cute version of jumping jacks, having dance parties, using children as weights! I have never had more fun being active. With this weather becoming more and more nice and walks are more and more enjoyable I hope to add more outside activities to my new routine. More daily walks with the girls that isn’t just to get Chelsie to and from the bus stop. I`m ready to 100% drag myself from that winter time funk, warmer days and grass and getting our garden on the go. Reading outside while the girls play, going to the park more often. I am defiantly ready to say goodbye to all this winter and give spring a big warm hug….

and hopefully by the time we hit summer I will have gotten rid of all that fat that the couch gave me…

Until Tuesday next Saturday! Ta ta!

Becky A.M.


Edit: added after posting: I have made the decision to update/upgrade/improve the look of The Dissocial Mom and here it is! Loving the new look! For those of you who read The Dissocial Mom and know how it looked previously, let me know your thoughts on the new format! And for those of you just joining The Dissocial Mom I sincerely hope you enjoy it. Here is to everyone having an enjoyable weekend!


4 thoughts on “Warning: Couches May Cause Weight Gain!

  1. Deb Marshall says:

    oh my on chels!!!! the words from her mouth. and way to go on the exercising….too funny on the confused dogs.

    Love love love the new look–especially what you did with the sidebar!

    • haha yes! The dogs really are funny, especially kiki she just wants to get in on the action but can’t figure out why mommy is doing :-D. And thank you, I love the new look too, much more personalized I think! Glad you like it!

  2. zoe says:

    Those darn couches giving us fat! Great Job Becky. and don’t worry little weight and more reps is actually better for toning, big weights make you build big muscle.

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