What’s Up with That??


February 23, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

So for a while I have been contemplating doing a post about this particular topic. It seems to me that there are so many people out there who complain about certain children’s programing and it seems to have been said a lot. I am usually not a BIG complainer when it comes to shows for kids. I try not to, my children like the shows and sometimes I feel people become overly picky about them (which is understandable most of the time). I do have my opinions though, that I have expressed occasionally to my sister or Jeff in passing conversation. I just had to say something though, I just could not hold it in any longer.

calliou-rosie-molesta-a-caillouFor example, I dislike Caillou very much. The girls still watch it but I just can’t stand him. I find the little boy to be overly rude and full of wines most of the time, doesn’t often use pleases or thank yous but gets what he wants anyway, gets grumpy with his parents when he doesn’t have his way and even sometimes his parents APOLOGIZE to him for it. Now this behavior is not totally his fault, I blame it on the parents in this matter. One episode Caillou and his mommy were getting out of the house to get on a bus but ended up being late. Caillou then turned to his mother all grumpy and upset, stomps his foot and tells his mother, in not such a nice tone, it was all her fault. To which she replied “I’m sorry Caillou.” WHAT?!? Now I am all for understanding feelings but come on, that was a bit rude, I thought, and he got himself an apology out of it! I mean I get it, If I was a little boy who never grew any older then four even though my theme song said that each day I grew some more I would probably be a little miffed at life in general too (not to mention the irritating lack of hair), but teach your kid some manners people.

57600There is also Max and Ruby. I for one am not a fan of how Ruby treats max. In one episode max is playing in a sand box and Ruby and her friend came out and kicked Max out because they decided they wanted to play with it. In fact in most episodes poor little Max is trying to participate in activities with his big sissie and she is constantly waving him off and telling him to go play with his toys. The only time she is willing to include him is when SHE needs to use him in her games. Any who! The biggest concern most parents have that I am aware of is that Max and Ruby seem to have no parents! How old is Ruby? She baths Max, cooks his food for him, dresses him, cleans the house after him. One episode they were even packing to go on a trip across town to Grandmas house ALONE. I guess that right there might explain her reluctance to want to play with him. She already has to look after him, cook and clean for him. Ruby wants to be a kid too you know people, she can’t always be expected to bend to his every need! That is just a lot of pressure to put on such a small little girl. Besides she has bunny scouts to think of on top of all this, AND still has to find time for herself. I think I might act much the same towards my brother if I was in her shoes. MY GAWD WHERE ARE THESE POOR CHILDREN’S PARENTS!?!

Toopy_and_Binoo_Cinder_Binoo_avi_64221420_thumbnailWell I say all this because I recently had this thought. Whilst watching Toopy and Binoo. Yet another show that gets its fair share of complaints. The biggest one off the top of my head, “Isn’t Toopy a boy? Yet he is always dressing up as a princess? Cross dressing mouse!” This honestly doesn’t bother me as much as it seems to other people. I understand the whole idea behind the show and the point of having a wonderful imagination, and I don’t fear that my children will grow up being cross dressers because a mouse on a show they watched when they were little did.

Having said all that, whilst watching Toopy and Binoo one fine day with the little lovelies, it dawned on me. Where are Toopy’s parents? How come he gets to have none and no one complains about that? I guess every one is too concerned about how a male wants to be a princess to notice that Toopy lives alone with his little Binoo. (Which I imagine, only because of his stitch markings, is actually his imaginary friend that is a stuffed animal?).

imagesNow Tooby makes his own food, even if we only ever seen him eating breakfast cereal or fruit. I bet if Mom and Dad were around more often they would eat better. I mean at least Max has a Ruby to scramble his eggs. Toopy on the other hand, Toopy has no one, no one but a small stuffed possibly imaginary cat friend. Tooby takes care of himself and Binoo. Not once have I heard anyone asking were his parents were. How come he is allowed and Max and Ruby are not? Jeff’s theory is that people like max more because he is cute and nice and has a bossy sister (poor Ruby, after everything she does, so misunderstood.) So us parents get all parental towards them and wonder why their parents are not around. Maybe some one should call social services on them. But no one cares about Toopy that much, he is just an annoying cross dressing mouse-rat! As far as rodents go, bunnies are cuter and rat/mice are pests. That must be it. (Keep in mind this is a theory, I myself have absolutely no problem with cartoon rat/mice who may or may not be confused about their sexuality. I am a very open minded person.)

4b29af1524e207dfc1f14a2f4d159669-bannerThe other theory is that Toopy is an adult… to which I feel like I would have an even bigger problem with. If you have ever watched the show you would know what I mean… he is just not very bright. Not only that but if this were the case then someone needs to tell him to stop talking like a baby and get rid of his imaginary friend… and also that grown men don’t wear princess dresses, have a stuffed animal that dances with sock puppets and sings “I am a puppet and I am made of wool, When a hand is in me I am very full”…………….

This is important stuff people. We live in a world of cartoon orphans, and when parents are actually around they are no-good-nicks who teach their children to be impolite complainers. It is a curious thing to me the more I think about it. What do you get from the show Toopy and Binoo, is he just another children’s cartoon of a parent-less rodent or is Toopy meant to be an adult? What other children’s shows are out there that just erk you to no end? As much as I like to just take things as they are (a cartoon is just a cartoon), I try not to complain or over analyze, (hahaha who am I kidding I LOVE to over analyze things) there are just some shows out there on the idiot box that make me wonder “What’s up with that?”

Until next Saturday! Ta ta!!

Becky A.M


12 thoughts on “What’s Up with That??

  1. Two shows I simply won’t play, make that 3. Caillou, Barney, and SpongeBob. 😉 I agree Caillou is so whiny, I can’t stand it.

  2. tolive4u says:

    The shows don’t get much better as the kids get older. The shows are about whining, rude teens with no parents.

  3. am5ga9ne9 says:

    I am also in the Strongly Dislike Caillou club! Everything about that cartoon erks me! My sister can’t stand it either so sometimes (out of love and to irritate her) I text her the theme song. Caillou can literally be used as a weapon 🙂 great post!

  4. Oh Caillou. That not-so-endearing cartoon character who captures the heart of every, and I mean every, child who encounters him. I swear my oldest learned the art of throwing a terrific tantrum from him. Needless to say, we don’t watch him anymore. Incredible parents that we are, we have succeeded in getting our children addicted to other TV shows. 🙂 With 2 girls, Doc McStuffins, Dora and the poor orphan bunnies Max & Ruby are favorites in our house.

    • Yes even though the bunnies bug me, it is still a favorite here as well, although I have to say that after having written this I made a point of REALLY paying attention to the show, and either they have made Ruby a bit nicer since last I paid attention or I should take back what I said about her bossiness, I can’t tell, ha! Oh and LOVE Doc McStuffins.

  5. Deb says:

    A post made of awesome! The only show that ever had a part that made me shake my head was the very old Flintstones. Fred could run for miles and miles…inside his house!

  6. Hannah says:

    This post made me laugh so hard. I don’t have any kids, so it’s been quite a long time since I’ve turned on the children’s channel, but when I do, I don’t know if mine will be watching TV! I grew up with polite Little Bear, Gullah Gullah Island, and Arthur! Seems like children’s programming has gone down the drain. My mom banned us from watching Ren and Stimpy and I think I’d have to ban Caillou!.

  7. I’ve never watched Toopy and Binoo, but my daughter loves Max & Ruby because she is also a bossy (but sweet) big sister with a baby brother and occasionally watches Caillou. She only watches Caillou because her mommy can’t stand the whining. It gets on my nerves when my own munchkins whine too much, so I sure don’t want to invite the princess of whiney into my living room deliberately. lol I’ve also wondered where in the bajeezies Max and Ruby’s parents are. Thankfully, my daughter hasn’t noticed that discrepancy yet. She can’t imagine how kids would manage a day without a mommy! 🙂

    • Well I am glad I am not the only one who sees that in Caillou!! 😀 and yes my youngest daughters don’t seem to notice Max and Ruby’s lack of mommy/daddy however my oldest has asked me once where they were and all I could answer with was “Around”, it seemed to be good enough an answer for her lol

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