(almost) Wordless Wednesday 02/27/2013: …Truth…


February 27, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

Does this count?

Does this count? The photo technically has words IN it……. I’ll try harder next time…

As this is my first attempt at Wordless Wednesday (I have only just recently become introduced to this blogging tradition and decided to jump on the wagon) I will cheat just a little and give an explanation as to what wordless wednesday is… for those of you who are not already aware. (I realize I am breaking the rules this very moment as I type these words.)

On Wednesdays all over the internet, bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it on their blog. Hence the ‘wordless’ title. The idea is that the photo itself says so much that it doesn’t need any description.

I thought this would be a fun thing to give a try!!

Having said all that I will say no more!

Lips are sealed…. now


8 thoughts on “(almost) Wordless Wednesday 02/27/2013: …Truth…

  1. Ooh this is a great idea! I work every second Wednesday so I really like the idea of not having to find time to write. But then again, posting just a pic can be just as time consuming if you want to it to speak all those words. I know not all bloggers struggle as much as me to be succint…haha. Also, thanks for breaking the vow of silence to help us newbies to blogging get in on a tradition. It makes me feel like I’m part of a secret society, but I’m right down there on the bottom rung.

    • Yes! I loved this idea! I originally was attempting to post twice a week and had to cut it down to just once a week as I found myself stressing to get two “awesome” posts out on a weekly basis. This allows me to post without having to work too terribly hard on it!!

  2. Gracie says:

    Brilliant! I love it!

  3. I want to say I don’t just ‘like’ this, I ‘love’ it. Thanks for sharing.

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