You Get What You Get And You Don’t Get Upset!!


March 2, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

Food that I use to despise when I was young but now very much enjoy:

Cooked brocolli, peppers, mushrooms… OK really any kind of cooked vegetable. I just couldn’t stand having to eat it when I was younger and now it is a regular thing on the dinner table in my house. Usually steamed. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower. Sauteed onions. Mixing peppers and the like into pasta dishes. The possibilities are endless. Now that I enjoy it that is. Except mushroom… I still pretty much hate the crap out of mushrooms.

It was worth a shot...

It was worth a shot…

Oat meal was another big one. Mostly plain oatmeal is what I remember not liking. My mom would always put cream on it with some brown sugar. I’m not sure if it was the texture, but I do remember never really liking it and only eating it because “Mom said so”. Now I freaking LOVE it!! At the moment I am particularly in love with the packaged cookies’n creme oatmeal that I bought for the girls. My failed attempt to trick them with the word “cookie” so that they would eat it.

Chili, that was another one. I can`t recall why I was not a fan of it when I was younger, but my girls at this age are also not fans. I think it might have had something to do with the abundance of cooked vegetables, which may very well be the reasoning behind why my children don`t like it either… however regardless of childhood reasoning, I thoroughly enjoy chili now.

I wont go any farther with my list of use-to-hates. You see, I have a very important point to make today. A realization that I came to not too long ago.

I will start off by saying that my children, usually, are very picky eaters. Some days, not so much (if I am lucky), other days very much so. I am never really aware of what they may or may not eat on any given day. Sometimes they are all for eating meat, other days pasta will be the only thing they will let inside their tiny tummies. For Chels her main hate is onions, cooked or otherwise. For Belly it is…. OK with Belly its nearly everything that is not a snack food, and with Jade she pretty much eats whatever she sees fit, as she sees fit, when she sees fit.

I always used to believe that the biggest reason as to why my taste buds had changed throughout the years was because of just that, they changed with years. They grew as I grew and so my tastes widened, what I once couldn’t stand I now had much love for.

It had never dawned on me before that there was another perfectly understandable, and much more sensible, reason for my changes in taste. I had this realization randomly one evening, completely out of the blue, but then suddenly all these little things came back to me…

“It’s what I made, it’s what we have, it’s what you are going to eat, and you are going to like it.” *cliche hands in fists resting on my hips, the “mom-head-tilt”, maybe the occasional finger point*

“You know, there are some people who can’t afford to eat this well, now eat your liver and onions.”

“You get what you get and you don’t get upset.” (OK, so truthfully my 6 year old daughter actually taught me that one, so I suppose I have to give her some credit here.)

“Don’t waste your food, we aren’t rich” *more finger pointing*

…Ohmagawd!… my taste buds didn’t just change all willy nilly… I had to start paying for my own food! That’s it! It is true, I can’t believe I have never thought about this before. I became much more aware of the decision making process behind buying certain foods, once I actually had to start buying it myself!


At less then a buck (well maybe a dollar but usually no more) for an onion why wouldn’t I! A giant bag of russet potatoes for $3? Umm yes. A big bag of carrots? $2.50? YEA!! $5 for a big bag of whats-her-face brand cereal, knock off mini-wheat that will last for FOREVER? Or $7 for an OK sized box of fruit loops that will last for 2 days in a house this full of children (my girls are vultures for dry cereal). It is not a difficult decision when your goal is to be SAVING money, right? We are going to eat carrots and mashed potatoes every day for a month if we have to, because its cheap… and because I said so.

10lbs of potatoes... GREAT!

10lbs of potatoes… GREAT!

I like this food because I have to. I like it because it is nice to my wallet. I REALLY like it because after years of needing to eat and having no money to do so I have learned to enjoy it. Now that we have a house of 2 adults and 3 children I really REALLY like it! It all makes so much sense now!

notice the avacodo in the back ground there, I admit they aren't exactly cheep as far as some fruits and veggies go BUT these were on sale! Bonus!!

notice the avocado in the back ground there behind that poor lone banana? I admit they aren’t exactly cheap as far as some fruits and veggies go, BUT these were on sale! Bonus!!

My children on the other hand, are just shadows of my former kid-self, through their eyes being fed “garbage” that mommy and daddy bought from the grocery store. Yesterday we had spaghetti and meat sauce because no name pasta costs a whopping $1, no name pasta sauce is $4 for a jar large enough for a King Kong size plate of spaghetti, and ground beef was on sale so we got a Family Pack from the meat department. OH and guess what we are going to have today!?! MEAT LOAF!… and carrots with mashed potatoes… AND you are going to eat it AND you are going to like it, because that is what I cooked for you.

One day they will understand, I am sure. When they have grown and are living off of nothing, having to use what little money they have to get as much food as possible. When they are older still, and have a career, THEN they can afford to be more picky. Of course that is until they have children of their own, and then they will have to use what little money they have to get as much food as possible…

…which actually probably wont happen… because by then I will be rich off of my writing and we will all live in mansions with gourmet kitchens and have personal shoppers and our very own personal chefs and be wealthy and have rooms dedicated to our mounds of dollar bills and eat expensive food with expensive garnishes on expensive dinnerware with expensive cutlery… *deepbreath*… seriously, it could happen.

... OK so I get lots of chips too.... but to be fair they are the no-name brand... and addiction is a very serious and very real thing... don't judge me...

… OK so I get lots of chips too…. but to be fair they are the no-name brand… and honestly addiction is a very serious and very real thing… don’t judge me…

Until next Saturday! Ta ta!

Becky A.M


2 thoughts on “You Get What You Get And You Don’t Get Upset!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoa and yep!!! You totally get it lol! And boy I still remember how much I hated onions when I was younger. And liver…well, I still dislike liver very much.

    • Hahaha! I actually kind of enjoy liver now! But last we had it I made sure it was swimming in a pool of bacon bits and sauteed onions and we also had some bbq sauce and ketchup at the table with us for just in cases.

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