Its just plain Madness!!


March 9, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

Its March already! OK so it was March last Saturday, I am just a little behind here. These days seem to be going by in a blur, two months already passed in this new year and, for me at least, I feel as if had I decided to close my eyes for too long, I would have missed the whole thing.

This month I have made the decision to try something new and exciting! I was recently acquainted with a little thing called March Madness (no not the basketball one), where writers, bloggers, readers etc set challenging goals for themselves to accomplish during the course of March.

MarchMadness copy

If you’ve been looking for a challenge to get your writing in gear, you’ve come to the right place! Through the month of March we will be cheering each other on to meet challenging goals with our writing. ~ Denise Jaden

You set your goals first by going to Denise Jadens blog (linked to above) and commenting with your commitment for the month! Check in daily at the designated check in points. Share your progress and accomplishments, your frustrations and your struggles. Encourage and motivate and get encouragement and motivation in return!

BONUS! There are prizes to be won! A long list of exciting prizes actually! Just for participating, checking it, sharing and cheering others on, you have the chance to win!

Well, I thought this would be a wonderful thing for me to attempt this month! What a great way to really push myself towards an exciting accomplishment, to meet new people, get advice and motivation! For me the most exhilarating thing is not the potential prizes or even the support (which I mean lets face it, ALWAYS, feels wonderful to get, AND to give) but it is the anticipation of the possibilities that might come at the end of this month. Will I reach my goal? Will I surpass it? Who knows! And that is exciting!

The camaraderie is amazing, the motivation and well wishes, the encouragement, the sending-of-good-thoughts and the over all awesomeness that comes from other writers or readers who are apart of this, is really a wonderful feeling!

Having said all that, although I really wanted to leap and make a crazy challenging commitment to my novel, fear of failure kicked in and I sadly chickened out and just sort of stepped…shuffled slowly even… into my first attempt at March madness. So rather than set a goal like “I WILL finish the first draft of my novel” and “For this month I will blog post EVERYDAY!!” I decided to dull down the adventure a little. Here is what I shuffled my decision to.

Goal #1 To write 20,000 words in one month. During the course of Jan and Feb I managed to get a whopping 11,500 (or just over that) words written on my yet-to-be-titled novel. I really did not work on it as much as I would have liked, (lets face it I have a lot of other things to do and I also sort of really enjoy being lazy). I thought that this a was good goal, double my word count and cut in half the time to write it!

So far so good on that one. I have managed to add an extra 6,260 words in the past four days, that’s not too bad right?!

Goal #2 To get rid of my bad habit of waiting until last-minute to get a post written up for The Dissocial Mom. Weeks speed, time flies, blink of an eye, however you want to say it, my weeks get away from me. I really want to get a good handful of posts written ahead of time and scheduled to go up. NO MORE PROCRASTINATION! As much as I enjoy my time spent with it, I have really got to cut the ties. Like an addiction, the first step is to admit it. I. have. a. procrastination. problem. …….. sigh OK it felt good to get that out…

So far so good on that one too. I wont lie, today is Monday (I know, I know, it is wrong of me to let people think this is a Saturday written post, it’s misleading and that is not fair to my readers… I apologize.)

So there it is! I am pretty excited to have this month ahead of me, like a miniature new years resolution… only better because I don’t have a whole entire year to fail!

I have to say though, that I absolutely love this idea, and there is a year-long version of it, called #wipmadness on twitter which I have actually mentioned before in my earlier post, where I interview my mother on her writing.

If you are interested in participating in the super awesome madness this March, it is not to late to join! In fact you can start any time throughout this month. Just head over here! All the information you need is there, including links to all your daily check in sites and a list of all the awesome prizes that are to be given away! Thanks to Denise Jaden for doing this, and to all of those who are hosting the check in points this year, I am excited to have found this and that I get to be apart of it this time around!

Have I said how excited I am. HAVE I!?!?

….. I feel like one of my goals should have been to get out more…


Until next Saturday! Ta ta!

Becky A.M.


4 thoughts on “Its just plain Madness!!

  1. Deb says:

    Good luck with your march madness. I am quietly taking part oh yes I am. Happy writing and blogging.

  2. Hannah says:

    Good luck on your challenge! It sounds like a good time! I feel you on the procrastination about posting. I have been in such a rush my last two posts that I didn’t even get to post what I had intended on posting (I have a tutorial partially made and haven’t managed to find time to finishing yet!) They say that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, so maybe everything will calm down towards the end, because I feel like the beginning has been a tornado!

    • I love that! March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Here is hoping your month starts to calm down for you, It is amazing to me that we are already nearing mid month, I feel like this month is going to be over before I even feel like it got started.

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