I’m not sure what you mean by that…


March 23, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

So a while back, I was off to pick Chels up from the bus stop. Had her “high energy majesty” with me and was making our way back home. There is a little girl who lives near us and walks the same route home. Often times she walks home with us.

This particular trip home was one after their school had spent the day celebrating a holiday before the kids went on break. This little girl had received a certain, gift or token… I’m not entirely sure what it was… from the school that day.

While Chels was wondering in front, stopping to pick up rocks…and dirt… and blades of grass… the little neighbor girl decided to walk with me. Conversation goes as follows, as she was attempting to inquire if Chelsie had gotten one of these little gifts (they were only given out to a certain few you see).

“Is Chelsie unoriginal?”

“Pardon me?”

“An unoriginal… is Chelsie one? We got these today *holds-up-gift*”

I mean, come on... original, right?

I mean, come on… original, right?

“Oh.. well I am not sure what you mean… but I don’t think Chelsie got one…” I was getting rather confused by this point. I was certain the school hadn’t been giving out gifts to those children who were unfortunate enough to be considered unoriginal. I fear that if that had been the case I may have had to give the principal a call. To thank her of course for not giving Chelsie one…

The conversation continues… she attempts to alleviate my confusion by adding more to her explanation.

“Well… my mom is one… and my dad is one… I think? And that means that they are in touch with nature”

I racked my brain hard, attempted to be quick about it so I didn’t feel as if I was being put on the spot by a small child. UN original… unoriginal… in touch with nature… her mom is unoriginal…?


“Yea, yea… so is Chelsie one?”

“No, no she is not aboriginal”

I got home and immediately had to call my sister to tell her the story. I honestly thought it was one of the cutest, most sweet conversations I have had… and it wasn’t even with one of my girls! (Cause I mean, they ARE the cutest most sweet things, so…)

The mind of a child is such a wonderful thing (and yes somewhat comedic as well) to watch and see work through their words and how they hear/understand and relay things. To her, un-original made complete sense, because that is what her mind remembered hearing.

Recently my sister had a story for me about one of the little boys she watches. Whilst having a conversation about school and what you do afterwards, there was a moment of confusion, not unlike the one I had experienced I am sure, before finally figuring it all out.

“So when I am done elementary school, I go to collage?”

“No, then you go to high school.”

“And then I go to collage?”

“Yes, then you go to collage.”

“And I go camping.”

“Ummm…. no?”

“Yes I do… I go to collage and go camping”

Again there was a moment of brain racking, to understand what he meant, and then…

“OOOHH you mean campus?”

“Yea, campus!”

MH900336147What a mind! It made sense to him that you would go camping at collage, after you were done school camping was what you did, because through what he remembered hearing, he built an understanding around that. Beside that… camping sounds like more fun…

So given these two events it was suggested to me that I do a blog post on it. I had thought about it… re-thought about it… never having really settled on a decision. Honestly not sure how to weave my sentences together for this one, that would sound coherent, funny AND not that I was just pasting two separate stories into one… oh and also have the mark of a Dissocial Mom post by being ridiculously long.

Then one fine day, busily spent cruising the pages on the internet and burning calories whilst laughing at funny internet photos (laughing counts as exercise because it works out my tummy muscles and because If I tell myself this enough I will soon believe it), I came across this…

reptile-dysfunction… and then I was all like, yup doing a blog post.

Has your little one, or a little one that you know, ever said anything to you that made you rack your brain to try and figure out what it was they meant by that? One of our younger family members (I am being super vague here, there is like a million people in this family) was convinced, briefly until corrected, that between the wonderful ages of 9 and 13 you were considered a protein! LOVE IT!……… get it…………..PRE-teen… heh heh too good… *wipes laughter tear from eye*

Share yours, I would love to hear!

*Off to go think of some more, I am sure there have been plenty!*

Until next Saturday! Tata!!

Becky A.M


… Oh I also came across this, that has absolutely no connection what so ever to what we are talking about…


I just couldn’t help but share…It is important that we do not take this article’s display of a very important issue lightly…


25 thoughts on “I’m not sure what you mean by that…

  1. Joel says:

    Some of the best conversations you will ever have are with little ones. Love it.

  2. suzannesmom says:

    Lovely stories. LOL.And I like the camping art. Did you create it?

  3. ninjasmum says:

    After my second daughter was born, my just two-year-old daughter went to childcare and told them that the baby sleeps with her in her bed!! The childcare workers were rather relieved to hear that she actually sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed. πŸ™‚

  4. Miriam says:

    Can’t think of a thing, despite having 4 kids over 22 yrs- I guess my brain is fried. And my husband’s too:) I agree that you have to write stuff down. I barely remember anything beyond a few months ago. But the funny stories have me laughing hard- thank you!!

    • Great πŸ˜€ I am so glad you enjoyed it! And yea I hear you, I am actually rather grateful that I decided to start blogging, if at the very least, to be able to come back down the road and read about all the funny little things. I imagine I would otherwise be were you are, it is hard to remember everything! Always something new happening, not enough room inside my head to keep every memory locked up!

  5. Jessica says:

    I don’t have any funny stories like that yet. But these are so cute

  6. Dean B says:

    This is so cute! Yes, kids say the darnest things indeed. My daughter is only two and she says the funniest things. She was given a purse with some money in it by her godmother and she said: I can buy new boobies now! I actually think she means a bra… not really sure. What does a two year old know about bras and boobies?! Beats me. Anyway, thanks for following Little Steps! All the best, D.

  7. Emma Duncan says:

    The other day my son decided to call his new triceratops toy Horny and my daughter decided to call hers Boner (it was a skeleton figure) Name re-negotiations were very tricky…

    • lol! that’s great! Well you know it really does make sense! My middle girlie has a hard time pronouncing her ‘S’s she displaces the s sound with a k sound in some words for reasons I am not sure… so she calls a sock a…. well you know. lol! We are frantically working hard towards proper pronunciation.

  8. barbtaub says:

    When my daughter was in preschool, she told the teachers that her Daddy was a communist and her Mommy was perfect. They were actually somewhat disappointed to learn that he was actually an economist. I told them that she got Mommy right though…

  9. am5ga9ne9 says:

    So precious! I’m glad you could figure out that she meant aboriginal because I never would have! ha ha!

  10. mydaymatters says:

    I love these stories. Kids are awesome. And with three of your own, I’m sure that’s plenty of material to fill this blog! And then some.

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