April 13, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

So originally today I was planning, for you, my very first food related post! How exciting, I know! And then I began.

First of all I will just mention that I will not be giving you amazing recipes to exotic foods that only I know how to make, having everyone ooo and aaa and vow to spend the afternoon in the kitchen making it. Nor will I be putting a fun or tasty spin to any old classic recipes, causing you to pin and re-pinned this post because it is just so darn clever. No, I am neither that wonderful a chef, nor am I really all THAT creative when it comes to food. What I do best is fly by the seat of my pants.EasterandApril 196

I realized only once I had made the decision to do a food based blog post, and of course I began my cooking and photographing and cooking and photographing and chopping and peeling and boiling and photographing *sigh*, that I would have literally nothing to write about how I did it. Worst. food. post. ever.

Now that I have obviously got you all very excited about this, lets begin.EasterandApril 201

FREEZER MEALS! Yup, that’s what we are doing today (well… more like on this past Sunday, which is when I did all the cooking, but you catch the drift I am sure). I had already decided to throw together a deep freeze full of pre-readied meals, it was only once started I thought, BRILLIANT, I shall do a post about this! “JEEEFFFF GET THE CAAAMERA!!”

Ready made twice baked potatoes, tuna casseroles, marinated cod, turkey barely soup, EasterandApril 179and homemade pierogies! BAM, I was on a cooking spree high!… For maybe a half hour… then not so much.

I just want to take the time to say to all those food bloggers out there. You my friends, are all super humans. Seriously. Chopping, mixing, write stuff down and mashing. Crap, take a picture. Stirring, chopping, write stuff down, where was I? Pouring, take a picture, sprinkling, writing, grating, MORE CHOPPING, stirring TAKE A DAMN PICTURE. I mean it was never ending. I applaud you all who are able to make this very thing the bases of their entire blog. From now on I will leave it to the pros.

Having said that I would not let myself surrender to my kitchen. So instead, and for my lack of actually using recipes, I simply found you all recipes that mimic what I did (or rather as close as possible).

Turkey Barely Soup

I use: Turkey carcass, giblets (frozen from Easter dinner) and spices for broth. Chopped carrots and celery. Dry barely, and left over turkey. Let the broth cool. Threw it all in a pretty little freezer bag. Dated it, named it, and wrote a little note of how long to cook it in the crock pot for! Easy peasy!

I used: Turkey carcass, giblets (frozen from Easter dinner) and spices for broth. Chopped carrots and celery. Dry barely, and left over turkey. Let the broth cool. Threw it all in a pretty little freezer bag. Dated it, named it, and wrote a little note of how long to cook it in the crock pot for! Easy peasy!

I also took the liberaty to find this for you all since ^ that, is not very informative.

If you are looking to freeze it and have it to throw in the crock pot at a later time, I would recommend just throwing all those ingredients (uncooked, unless of course you are making your own broth and using left over turkey… then obviously that would be cooked…) into a bag, freezing it, and pumping up the cook time when it is, well cook time!

Twice baked Potatoes

Well... make a twice baked potato... then freeze it before putting it in the oven the second time!

Well… make a twice baked potato… then freeze it before putting it in the oven the second time!

EasterandApril 219

Tip! Freeze your potatoes in a covered casserole dish first, then go back and individually wrap them (or you really don’t have to individualize them) before putting them in your freezer bag. This allows them to firm up, so they don’t get all mushed up when you stuff them in the bag!

Here have this!

Marinated Cod

Ummm... take some cod... throw some marinate in the bag with it... freeze it.

Ummm… take some cod… throw some marinate in the bag with it… freeze it.

Unfortunately I had a hard time finding a marinate specific to cod that I liked. I simply threw some soy sauce, oil, vinegar, brown sugar, chilli sauce, and pepper into a bowl and added the ingredients slowly until I got the flavor and sweet/spiciness I was searching for… Use that recipe at your own risk! 😉

Tuna Casserole

Elbow macaroni, cooked al dente, chopped carrots and celery, canned tuna, mushroom soup, foil casserole dishes (with lids), grated cheese.

Elbow macaroni, cooked al dente, chopped carrots and celery, canned tuna, mushroom soup, foil casserole dishes (with lids), grated cheese.

EasterandApril 221

So I found this for you, although this particular one I have a feeling most have made… at least once in their life… maybe? Throw in the veggies you like, as much tuna as you want, whatever kind of “cream-of” soup that fits your fancy, I don’t feel there really needs to be much of a recipe for you but here one is nevertheless

Again, remember to cook your pasta al dente so as not to have them be too over cooked once you pop them in your oven. Also don’t forget to adjust your cooking time!

Home made pierogies

EasterandApril 190EasterandApril 211EasterandApril 213

Well I hate to disappoint but unfortunately my brain exploded before I had the chance to finish this and my mashed potatoes, complete with velveeta cheese, bacon bits and onions, along with my dough, is sitting patiently in my fridge. (P.S I am currently writing this on Monday evening, so no it has not been sitting in the fridge for nearly a week. We may not be picky eaters but we don’t overly enjoy moldy potatoes.)

Anywho I got you this regardless of the mishaps with my brains inability to handle so much cooking and picture taking.

Remember if you are doing this to freeze, simply form your pierogies and freeze them, you do not need to boil (or fry) them before hand.

*Phew* Done. I have to say, I will most likely never do this again (The post I mean, I am sort of addicted now to making freezer meals)… OK I lie I might.

YAY for food I don't have to prepare... later

YAY for food I don’t have to prepare… again… and not to worry I fully plan on taking the plastic lids off before popping them in the oven.

So there you have it, one fine Sunday afternoon I thought to myself “hey I have food to make stuff, lets make stuff! Ya!!” and off I went on my journey of attempting to make as many freezer meals as possible out of the supplies I currently had in house. Success I believe (minus the foil casserole dishes, freezer bags, and marble cheese I sent my lovely hubby out to get whilst I peeled mashed and picture took) I managed to make 4 meals and 2 sides (potato bag counts as 2), nearly 3 (poor pierogies) for free!!… Except money obviously already spent previously when I originally bought the items I used, but that is beside the point in my opinion!

What do you have kicking around in your freezer/pantry/fridge that has the potential of becoming a wonderful ready made freezer meal? Are you a freezer meal maker already? I would love to hear!

One more round of applause to those who do these kinds of posts on a regular basis, it is certainly not a simple thing. I suppose I never really understood the work that actually goes into recipe/food based blogs. So high five to all those super humans out there!

Until next Saturday!! Tata!

Becky A.M

P.S I really wanted to take credit for making the dough for the pierogies… But alas I can not, because Jeff did it, because he is master dough maker around these parts. SO thanks daddydoodle!


8 thoughts on “Recipes???

  1. Mommy Academy 918 says:

    I was cracking up reading this because I am the same way when it comes to blogging food posts! Everything I pin makes it sound sooooo easy to blog about cooking, but it really is a pain in the ass! Kudos to you for freezer cooking and sharing your delicious looking recipes with us!

  2. Fun food post! 🙂 Confession: *whispering* I often cook without recipes, too, so sometimes I’m finding recipes very similar to what I generally throw together for my food blog posts. Once you’ve cooked awhile (I started helping my mom when I was very young) you can tell when a recipe is going to turn out about like you generally toss and pinch and stir together in a randomly ordered fashion. 🙂

    • Well good to know I’m not that only one who does that 🙂 I tend to do that as well, even if I do find myself a recipe as sort of a guide line I often just sort of do my own thing with it, 95% of the time it turns out great! The other 5% my family has all learned to eat it anyway and smile 😉

  3. blowingoffsteamandmore says:

    I totally started my blog with the intention on sharing all of my recipes, got several months into it and realized that taking all of those pictures is a pain in the ass! I still share a recipe here and there but by the time each meal is done my family just wants to eat and doesn’t want to sit there while I get everything set up. Oh, well…. whoops! I have to say I am impressed with your dedication to spend all of that time making freezer meals! I vowed to do that one weekend after I saw a suggestion on Pinterest and still haven’t gotten around to it. Nice work!!

    • It really is a lot of work! And one picture usually doesn’t cut it, I found myself taking a good couple minutes each time just trying to get a picture that looked nice enough to use lol. The freezer meals were not too bad, I kept it simple though, next time however I will definitely not be going the picture taking/write a post route haha. And thank you so much for reading 😀

  4. zoe says:

    You do not give yourself enough credit, as someone who has sampled the meals you make, you are an excellent cook and very creative! I could never think up the things you do!

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