Privacy? What is this word you say?


April 27, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

Privacy. All parents question if this phenomenon truly exist. Particularly when it comes to the washroom.

The washroom.

MH900104742What is up with the bathroom? Why is it that that one place seems to be the bane of all parents existence? I have not spoken with ANY parent who does not have at least a small problem with privacy when it comes to using the rest room.

Here is a little story for you all to enjoy.

When we moved in here a year ago, we found out very quickly that there was something wrong with our downstairs bathroom.

The door. Oh it would shut. But it would not SHUT. Catch my drift? Something had gone awry during the installation of this wonderful door to the loo. The dead latch and the mortice hole did not line up. Therefore the door would shut, in the way that I could pull the handle towards me and the door would come with it, closing myself off from the rest of the house, but it would not CLICK shut. The result was that ANYONE, including the 2 footers, could simply just pull the door open.

April2013 138Oh we tried to fix it. Simple really, just move the strike plate and the mortice cut up so it matches correctly with the placement of the handle and the dead latch, right? Wrong. The door frame had to, of course, be made of metal. Great. (We are not the handiest of handy people so this, for us, was an impossible problem to get past, with neither the know-how nor the tools to cut or alter a mortice cut in a metal door frame.)

So we simply grew use to it. It was known in our house to announce your journey to the bathroom so that others would know to stay out. Of course clearly this would do no good when it came to the children.

It became a game really. Belly would find it funny to simply run up and open the door and run away. Forcing me to maneuver in a way that allowed me to get up and reach for the door to quickly shut it without *ehm* making a mess.

Mae Mae really just enjoyed joining me in the washroom. I don’t mind actually, she would pretend to sit on the little potty and “go”. I thought it could even be effective once potty training started.

If you look closely you see how it just does not quite go in all the way.

If you look closely you see how it just does not quite go in all the way.

Chelsie, the oldest, would usually steer clear of barging in, except of course if there was anything of urgent importance to talk about. You know like how Pinky Pie on My Little Pony just won a race, or how it is imperative that I lift her over the baby gate so that she can go get her stuffed kitty for a game… it just can. not. wait.

Even the cat mastered the art of using her paw to dig underneath the door until she became able to swing it open enough for her to peek her head in and join me.

I tried just “sitting” a certain way so that I may also lean over with one hand on the handle to hold it shut. Although I quickly grew tired of the acrobatics and simply just decided I would stop shutting the door all together. (This of course would be during the day when no one was around but myself and my children), what was the point really?

Is this all to much information? Oh well.

April2013 125So you can imagine that it was a blessed miracle to me, to come home one evening in which we hand the grandparents watching our beautiful children, and have grandpa tell us that he “fixed” the door. It would now shut and stay shut, and we could now even LOCK IT! EEEEEEEEEEKK! The excitement was unbearable.

How he did it, you might ask. Oh he just took the strike plate off, leaving just enough room for the dead latch to fully go in. Huh… and all along…. well don’t we feel du…. ah well.



Overjoyed I set on my journey to the washroom, feeling confident and excited at the new possibility of this thing call privacy.

And then.


The children couldn’t get in! The cat couldn’t open the door! There were wails and tears and utter terror. “MOOMMAAYYYY OOPPEENN THE DOOR!!!!” yelled between hysterical blubbering. The cat scratched continuously at the bottom of the door. Drama ensues on the other side as a small child threw her body at the door in an effort to break it down.

When the horror was through. Next came confusion. Belly would run to the bath room in a mad dash to use the potty. Grab at the handle and pull repeatedly, viciously, at the door, screaming, “IT WONT OPEN!”

Next to come was a new found game. “So I can lock the door from the inside before it is shut… THEN shut it? And then we are all locked out of the bathroom? THIS. IS. BRILLIANT!!”

(yea…. may children are really well articulated)

April2013 136Fortunately it is quite simple to unlock the door from the outside. One of those locks that looks like a giant screw, and all you really need is a flat “something” and use it to turn the lock. Daddy, of course goes for the first thing he can find and uses the fatter end of a barrette.

All calmed down. The girls slowly got use to this new way of living. Their father and I got, most happily, used to this new found privacy. Soaking up every moment of bathroom time. Never again will I take for granted the ability to lock a bathroom door.

And then it happened.

One fine day, in all my glory, I made my way to the washroom. Ah, this will be a glorious 2 minute vacation, I thought.

I locked the door, confident and content… and I… ummm…. begin.

I heard the sound of tiny foot steps. I laugh inside my head, “you will never get in!” After a few tugs of the handle… silence. Great, she has given up. I continue.

Foot steps again… a click… what is happening…. a clack… a turn… and the door opens.

“IDIDIT!!!!!”…. great.

Master minds! They have figured it out, one must have been watching their father stealthily from the corner, and now they have learned the secret to unlocking the door… from the outside.

And here we are now, again. Privacy? What is that?

Until next Saturday! Tata!!

Becky A.M

It was nice while it lasted.


19 thoughts on “Privacy? What is this word you say?

  1. […] things too!) and I have enjoyed reading her posts ever since.  One of my favorites is this one on Privacy… a must read for any parent who has used the bathroom as an escape.  Thanks […]

  2. Deb Marshall says:

    Just read this to your dad….he couldn’t stop laughing, lololol…..

  3. Yes, the elusive potty privacy. I save the locking of the door for the moments when my sanity depends on it. The rest of the time we just go with the whole “party in the potty” thing.

    • It seems to be the only way, the bathroom party I mean! At the very least at least I know they wont be tearing apart the pantry while I am in there, so that is bonus right? 😀

  4. I don’t close the door when I’m home alone with my munchkins. They’re too little to understand there is such a thing as wanting privacy. When Mommy still has to wipe your bottom and every other thing for you, why would you have privacy boundaries? They are, however, plenty big enough to demolish & destroy everything in their tiny paths while I think I’m enjoying a quiet moment on the porcelain throne. 🙂

    I keep a penny on the shelf nearest the bathroom for those times when my daughter thinks she is big enough to lock the door….then discovers she’s not big enough to get back out. The sound of the screams of “HELP meeeee!!! I’s stuck in here!” tempt me to pretend I don’t hear when she’s being particularly naughty, but of course it is Mommy to the rescue I go. 🙂

    • Hahaha that is too funny! A penny next to the door is a great idea! And yes back to not bothering with the door I go. My oldest has found a new sense of privacy now though which is nice, one less member joining me in the bathroom party every time I go lol 🙂

  5. My bathroom door is the only door that DOES actually click shut luckily but no other door in my house does! The kitchen is off bounds with a safety gate but the bedroom…. Many a finger has been caught, many a cry heard from the little child stuck inside LOL

  6. keladelaide says:

    I have given up on door locking. I figure they’ll stop coming in when they don’t want to see my wrinkly, droopy bits anymore.

  7. I have to say this made me laugh. I have a terrible toddler and my husband and I just grew into the habit of leaving the door open except for #2. So our oldest would join us in the bathroom though it proved beneficial when he started wanting to use the potty at 19 months though we are still working on potty training he gets the concepts and will tell us when he has to go part of the time. The small things we cherish though when we have little one’s screaming for our attention every waking second!

  8. Zoe says:

    Yes you don’t get much privacy in there when Joel is around either!

  9. Deb says:

    Best parent in the bathroom story EVER!!

    And I will have to add…oh my babies figuring out how to unlock the door. Brilliant they is. Sorry for the lack of privacy though.

  10. Amber Perea says:

    Bathroom privacy…for me it’s a double edged sword. When I do get it I’m constantly worried about what he’s getting into!

    • Yes! I agree with you on that one actually, I love the privacy but would actually prefer they be banging on the door to try and get in… I am in the know on what they are doing that way at least…. it is when I hear nothing but silence that I start to panic and race to finish so I can go see what they are up to! Great point!

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