I…. ummmmm… ….. what was I doing?


May 4, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

Mom brain. I have got to talk about it, resistance in futile! Every mom knows, I assume, exactly what I am talking about. When you are in the glory of pregnancy it is what we called pregnancy brain, or prego brain for those of you who dislike using full length words. Most moms also know that this does not just go away once baby decides to vacate and take up tenancy in the big wide world. For those that seem unaware we also enjoy jumping at the chance to inform new moms of this important information, like a hungry dog to a big fat juicy stake.

“Oh you have pregnancy brain? WELL LET ME TELL YOU… it. never. goes. away.”

I like to think of it as a glitch. Totally unexplainable, recurring, often out of the blue, moments when your brain shuts down, and all ability to produce logic or use memory is lost.

Ever forget what you were saying while saying it?

mombrainEver forget what you were doing while doing it, or forget where you were going while you were on your way there?

Just a couple of the most common problems women face when they suffer from Mom brain. Lets widen the spectrum a bit here and assume that there are some Dads a’sittin in this boat with us.

Have you ever put the milk in the pantry and the cereal in the fridge?

Ever put dinner in the oven and a half hour later wonder why it is not cooking? Only then to realize you never actually turned ON the oven?


“Oh! That stew in the crock pot that has been cooking all day should be just about… hey whats this?… WHO DIDN’T REMIND ME TO PLUG THE STUPID THING IN THIS MORNING?”

Ever washed the same load of laundry every morning for a week because you keep forgetting to put it in the dryer?

Have you ever called your child by the wrong name? OOH here is a good one, ever FORGET your child’s name.

I have manage to forget the name of my own daughters school, when asked by a friend. This positively made me seem like a super awesome parent, I am sure.

“School? Oh yes she goes to…. ummm… *pointing*… you know the one down there *arm waving*… I swear I got this… WHY CAN’T I THINK OF THE NAME? *ensue small mental break down*”

I have informed my children that it was time to go pick the Bus stop up from the Chels. Told them to drink their dinner and eat their milk.

Oh and I am sorry am I suppose to be able to spout out the day, month and year of each of my children’s birth, at the drop of a hat, with no hesitation, because they are my children and I SHOULD KNOW THIS? My brain must have missed that memo.

Forgetful minds and mixed up wording, I have not an ounce of control over when Mom brain will attack.

Ever go into the fridge with the full intent to grab a very specific “something”, only to have the sound of the opening door erase your memory? Stood there in confusion as to what you were there for?

Have you ever suddenly remembered a half hour later, and in a rush of excitement run to the fridge to get that “something”, then with heavy disappointment realize you can’t remember why you even needed it in the first place?

Made plans with me a week ago to come by for coffee today? “Great! let me just go change out of my pajamas and make some coffee! No no… I was totally expecting you… don’t mind the explosion of toys in the living room, I forgot to clean.”

Yes my child has more then one friend, no I can not name them for you, I have a hard enough time getting my own children’s name right, what do you want from me?

It is a wonder how I get through the week, truly. I do however just want to point out that through all this I am still have some pretty darn brilliant moments, let us not get confused on that point. Mom brain is just not something that can be helped. You can not hide from it, for it will find you.

Were ever there is a pile of laundry that needs to be wash 100 times, Mom brain will be there.

When ever there is a dinner that is in need of being left uncooked, Mom brain will be there.

WERE EVER there is a name longing to be forgotten or a birthday or a task, MOM BRAIN WILL BE THERE.

Mom brain, never seen yet forever there.

Ever done/said/forgotten, anything in a moment of Mom brain? Please share!

Until next Saturday! Tata!

Becky A.M

funny-mom-quotes-brain-cells-for-kidsP.S I apologize for the shorter-then-usual post today. I totally wrote this whole thing up on my black berry and FORGOT TO SAVE IT, not a word of a lie, this was my grumbled through shorter version of my longer (much more fantastic I assure you) version of a post I WROTE WITH A STINKING PHONE *breathe*. I shake my head at myself for letting Mom brain take over whilst I was concentrating so hard on the very thing that snuck up on me…. OK I laugh a little too. Seriously, who does that?


25 thoughts on “I…. ummmmm… ….. what was I doing?

  1. I recall thinking my mom was hilarious because she’d write a list for groceries, then proceed to leave the list at home. I found it highly entertaining to put the list in my pocket until we got to the store and she went into an irritated panic about forgetting it, then dangle it in front of her nose laughing.

    Guess what I did the other day? Uh-huh….yep….’nuff said. πŸ˜‰

    Oh, and I once had an entire (what I thought was a) rather witty blog post written. I hadn’t pushed Save at any point, and my baby smacked a whole bunch of buttons. *POOF* Bye-bye post!! 😦 Since I was completely out of time to work on it that day, and I completely forgot the entire thing once I finally had time off from mommy duties….chalk down another one to Mommy brain. Grrr!! LOL

  2. LOL this post is so true and right on. Once I put the bologna in the freezer and didn’t find it for days.

  3. Deb Marshall says:

    Oh my gosh….all of this is so, so true. And now I am wondering if I really have gramma brain now OR it is the afterschock of mom brain cause it really is a powerful thing, lol!

  4. mummyshymz says:

    I was about to post a really funny comment… But I forgot what I was going to say :/

  5. I love this entry. Today I had to give someone $8 and proceeded to hand them a $10 note and a $2 coin. I insisted for quite some time that I was correct. Incredibly embarrassing. She then mentioned something about the Newtown shooting and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what the Newtown shooting was. I felt like the scum of the Earth. I think we’re supposed to remember tragedies (I’m in an anti-media phase where I try to avoid knowing anything ‘newsworthy” ever EVER so that didn’t help), especially relating to gorgeous children. Will my brain ever heal?

  6. linbritt says:

    Totally me! Though I do remember some of this BEFORE kids…so don’t know what my excuse was there!!

  7. Kaela Moore says:

    There should be support groups for mom-brain sufferers. It has gotten “better” since my little one entered the world, but not much. This is just one example of how far my brain has fallen: http://kaelamoore.wordpress.com/2013/03/06/laugh-at-me-or-with-me-either-is-fine-as-long-as-youre-laughing/
    *Sigh* the things we give up for our kids. Good thing they are (usually) adorable.

  8. Yes I can confirm Dad Brain exists too. In fact it sounds very much like Mom Brain. I have a boy and a girl. They get called each others names. I can’t immediately remember their birthdates. I once put a nappy on my toddler who had been out of nappies for three months, thinking she was my son, who is still very much in nappies. And I used to be mentally sharp. For me it is about mindfulness. There is so much noise in my head these days that it is impossible to be really conscious when doing something. And I haven’t slept properly in three years. No wonder milk gets put in the airing cupboard and freshly laundered towels in the fridge. I’ve learnt to embrace it.

    Great post, thanks!

  9. Jessica says:

    Oh hello, when did you take residence in my brain?

  10. rrjenkins says:

    I guess that’s what I can refer to this as. Even though the children are not my own, and I’m pretty sure I was like this even in college.
    At least I have someone to blame for it now.

  11. barbtaub says:

    The plus side? Nobody will know when the senior moments become full-on dementia, because your family will assure them that “she’s always been this way”…

    PS: Thanks for the follow!

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