Psst Go Check this out!


Just a list of other awesome blogs or websites. If you have any ideas or think I should add anything to my list let me know!!

♥rantsfrommommyland ~ self explanatory awesomeness ~

♥Deb A Marshall ~Just Deb: Reading and Writing for Children and teens~ you have noticed (and if you haven’t you will now) that she is also Deb AM which, yes, means she is also Awesome Mom, and yes you are correct we are related, and yes she is my awesome mom.

♥Being as I often use clip art to spice up my blog post, in an attempt to not drag you down in a pool of words, here are the websites were I find all my awesome fun and free clip art!, and

♥Just another extremely fun to read Mom Blog Hot Mess Mom this is defiantly a “must-check-out”

♥If you are a mother… or just a women! It is extremely important that you go here if you want to, not only laugh, but say “Oh thank God I’m not the only one!”→  HaHas for HooHas 

One thought on “Psst Go Check this out!

  1. limseemin says:

    Hey, do check mine. Don’t know if you love it or not?!

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