Top Ten “I Sound Like My Parents” Sayings!


June 15, 2013 by rebeccaannemarshall

Parents. There is a sort of universal parenting vocabulary out there. Versions of the same “sayings” or sentences come by the bundles when it comes to those of children. Things my parents used to say to me in my childhood now escapes my lips seemingly without my knowledge, only afterward to realize how much I sound like my mom or my dad. Certain things I know stem simply from our memory, lines that have been engraved into us from a young age that seem so simple to come out once we are older and have children of our own. These words hidden in our subconscious throughout our years that we nearly forget about them, until the moment we say them and have one of those “Oh man I remember mom saying that exact same thing to me when I was little”.

Today I thought I would keep it short-ish, and simply list some of those things. A collaboration of “sayings” that my sister and I had a conversation about the other day. It should be fun to see how many others out there are saying the same things to their children!

Lets make it a top 10 list shall we, beginning with 10 being the least used, but still very memorable, to 1 being a near daily occurrence that is something I am sure every.single.parent says.

10. If you are going to eaves drop, listen. I don’t know about you but this was one thing my dad used to say to my sister and I quite often, usually do to us butting into a conversation we were not actually apart of with questions that, had we been listening, we should already know the answers to

9. If I come up there and I find it I am not going to be happy. This saying most often arises in response to a child who is in search of something but has not actually spent the time SEARCHING for it, claiming then that it is nowhere to be found.

8. You have until the count of 5. This is usually followed by …1…2…3…4…4 and a half…4 and 3 quarters…

7. Well I’m not everyone else’s parent am I?ย That’s right, just because everyone else (so, you know, usually closer to 2 other children) has parents who let them bring chocolate-covered-chocolatechip-fudge cookies to school for lunch DOES NOT mean that you should be able to.

6. I WONT tell you again… which we all know it is a complete and total lie.

5. Do I have to make a list of all the things I have done for you today? This is, of course, usually used when there has been a refusal to do a task and/or chore. What’s best is when it is not only a refusal but also a “Why don’t you do it mom!”

4. If you tell the truth you will get in a lot less trouble then if you lie. This concept, for one reason or another, is seemingly lost to children, no matter the amount of times this little gem has to be repeated.

3. What do you mean “that’s not fair”? Now many-a-time you get a “That’s not fair” and you really truly understand why it is that they think that. Though there are many-a-more-time where I really truly have absolutely no idea what they mean. “Chelsie. I HAVE to feed the babies while you are at school, I can not just NOT let them eat just because you aren’t here to enjoy the food with them…”

2. Do I look like I am made of money? This some times can be grouped into one long sentence composed of a mixture of #3 and #7. For example: “What do you mean ‘that’s not fair’? Do I look like I’m made of money?….. Well I’m not everyone elses parent am I?”

Now for the big guy. The tried and true, simple, sweet and to the point guy. I know not one parent who has not or will not say this. An answer to nearly all “why’s”, the fall back saying of choice for nearly any situation THE PINNACLE OF ALL PARENTAL SAYINGS…..


So there you have it! My list of top 10 things that my parents used to say to me that I now say to my children. AND BELIEVE ME there were many more, but alas, this was only a 10 list.

Tell me, what things did your parents use to say to you? Things that you have hidden away in your memory that pops out from time to time for your children? Anything you say that you feel must be a universal parent thing? I would love to know! Lets keep this list going!

Until next Saturday! Tata!

Becky. A.M

PSSST… I had a hard time finding clip art for this one… yet I just can’t seem to leave without adding pictures. SO HERE have some photos of some super adorable children having a picnic!

june2013 054june2013 058june2013 060june2013 052 june2013 051 june2013 069


10 thoughts on “Top Ten “I Sound Like My Parents” Sayings!

  1. Hannah says:

    My parent’s favorite sayings were “Life’s not fair!” and “You can’t always get what you want!” They used to annoy me to no end, and now I find myself saying them to my coworkers! Woops!

  2. Mimi says:

    Sometimes I tell mine that I didn’t get this old by being stupid. It’s usually in response to them trying to hide something from me.

  3. linbritt says:

    Yep said them all!!

  4. Here’s one I used on my teenagers, “My name is Mummy not Dummy!” I actually made that one up myself so am quite proud of it.

  5. Hahaha I’ve said all these things like a broken record! Over and over! Lovely photos btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. zoe says:

    I used one of these just the other day, with the children I work with. I also found myself thinking, I never thought I would say it and now find myself saying it all the time. Enough is Enough, a simple phrase but says so much lol I also find I use a lot of the ones you mentioned Becky. Good stuff!

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