Diary of a six year old


November 10, 2012 by rebeccaannemarshall

6:30 am

Good morning!!!!!!! Mom says it’s time to get ready for school!!!!!! I love school!!!!!! I have to get my clothes picked out. First I will come down with a skirt and a t-shirt and then mom will probably send me back up to change into something warmer, but I am going to try it anyway, maybe this morning will be different.

Nope I’m back upstairs now. Ok, next I will put on a pair of pants that are too small or a pair of shorts and she will send me back up. Then I will put on a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Perfect!

Now it’s time for breakfast. I like to take my time to figure out what I would like to eat. So many goodies to choose from you know. Do I want a pop tart? No. An eggo? Some cereal? But what kind of cereal? Hmmm maybe I would rather some toast… or an apple… or both. No, no, I think I will have yogurt this morning.

Mom is making coffee and getting my lunch together and getting the babies sippies full and getting their breakfast ready. Now I’m not sure I want to eat this yogurt. You know, sometimes I like to eat yogurt, because I like yogurt, but maybe I really don’t want to eat yogurt. But mom says I have to anyway, because I have already started *humf* fine then, I will just eat it really slowly. That’ll show her.

7:00 am

Ok just about halfway done my breakfast and now mom wants to brush my hair while I’m eating, which will just make me go slower but she says she needs to get it done so she can finish doing other things. I have a long conversation with her because I would rather talk then eat. I enjoy talking. Mom keeps interrupting me though, says I need to concentrate on the yogurt and not the talking.

7:15 am

I really don’t want to eat this anymore. Mom says “whatever” and I just get to go brush my teeth, its almost time to go. I knew taking a long time to eat it would work! It’s like, every morning she is so worried about being late. I play into those worries by taking too long, and then I get away with not eating it because there is no time to finish. Anyway, brushing my teeth now. I may sing a song first though, then go to the bathroom, then make silly faces in the mirror, hahaha oh I am so funny!

7:30 am

Moms rushing now. I have to get my boots on and my jacket on and my backpack on and sneak a toy into this pocket and sneak one into this pocket and then this one.

Awe man, mom checked all my pockets. I’m running out of places to hide toys now.It’s like, I don’t know why she just doesn’t let me bring them, I mean, beside the fact that my teacher says I’m not allowed. But I like my toys, they are special. Like, mom and daddy got them for me, and this one is from grandma and I like it and I want to bring it with me. I promised I would take good care of it and that I would keep it in my backpack but mom still says no. She is like major no fun zone.

7:36 am

Ok, I’m just waiting here for mom to get the babies in the stroller. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but while she was busy chasing after Belly, I managed to sneak two stuffed bunnies into my boots. Yea it’s a little uncomfortable but if I like squish real well like this, I can still get my feet in. BRILLIANT! She will never know! Just to be sure she doesn’t start wondering why I might be walking funny I will just, like, casually point out that my boots are too tight. Hey maybe she will even think they are too small and I’ll get new boots out of the deal too! Oh this plan gets better and better, I really am like a total genius!

7:41 am

Well that back fired. We are on our way to the bus stop now. Mom took the bunnies out of my boots. Apparently mentioning that they were tight was a bad idea after all. I never thought that she might want to check to see why they were too tight and when she took them off… well she found my toys *sigh*. So now not only do I not get to take them to school, but I also don’t get new boots AND I have to listen to her go on and on about why disobeying is bad, and how I won’t get the toys back till tomorrow as punishment blah blah. I’ll just keep nodding my head and saying K every now and then and tell her I am sorry and it will seem like I am listening. Really, I’m just trying to concentrate really hard on not stepping on these cracks in the sidewalk. I don’t know how, but apparently if I step on one it will break moms back, and even though she is like totally no fun I still don’t want her to have a broken back.

7:50 am

YAY bus stop! The bus is late so that means we are not late, bonus! Oh hey there is Isabelle!!!!! She is my best friend, she lives near me and she goes on the bus with me and she is in the same school as me and she is in the same class as me and we like play aaaalllll the time, it’s pretty great. She also likes to talk a lot so that is perfect cause then we can, like, talk a lot together, which is also great.

We are just going to go play in the park while we wait for the bus, mom is busy any way, Belly and Jade keep throwing their sippies and kicking their boots off and taking their hats off and screaming for snacks. Thank goodness, now maybe she will forget about my attempt at smuggling bunnies.




3:00 pm

Off the bus now, THERE’S MOM!!!! She always lets me take my back pack off for the walk home, which is so nice since I am tired. Also I have to pee, but I won’t tell mom, I’ll wait. Walking home now, and mom keeps asking me about my day. I say I don’t remember but really I just don’t want to talk, like I said I’m tired.

Almost home. Ok now I will tell mom I have to pee, it’s always fun watching her run the last little bit of the walk so she can get the door unlocked to get me inside. She is going to let us stay outside to play too. Cool… I think I’ll just sit at the patio table. *YAWN* Oh boy, can’t. fall. asleep, I won’t admit that I need a nap… I’ll just lay my head down here        for a moment…..

7:00 pm

this actually doesn’t look very appetizing…

……. OH you’re still here! Sorry I fell asleep on you there. I woke up a little while ago and had some dinner. I love moms dinner, she makes the best dinner ever. She made chicken and mashed potatoes and broccoli tonight. I made sure that I told her like a trillion and 49 times that I like the food.

Now it’s time for stories. I also love stories. Sometimes mom lets me help her read, that’s the most fun. Right now, though, Jade and Belly are fighting over moms lap and I have the sudden urge to crawl around and meow like a kitty.

Mom says it’s almost time for bed for the babies and then I get to stay up for a little bit longer. I think I’d like to just stay up all night! But like I said before, mom is no fun zone and she won’t let me. But, like, you know, I’m a big girl now, practically like a teenager, and I don’t think I should have to go to bed. I tried to fight with them about it but I ended up in the corner.
I don’t mind the corner though, if I can sing quietly enough. Like in a whisper and they can’t hear me, sometimes it makes it fun. I’ll probably try a different way to argue my way out of bedtime after I’m done my timeout. I refuse to be treated this way and I WILL stick up for my right to to stay up late!

8:30 pm

Becky here. Thought I’d just pop in and let you all know that Chelsie passed out on the couch so we took her to bed. She won’t be back to finish her diary tonight, she will be down and out until about 6:30 tomorrow morning… and then we get to do this all again!… yay…

See you on Tuesday! TaTa!

Becky A.M


3 thoughts on “Diary of a six year old

  1. Zoe says:

    uh huh we have children who like to sneak toys when in is not show and tell day aswell.

  2. Deb Marshall says:

    Cannot stop laughing over the bunny in boots….good one Chels, but you can’t get anything by us moms you know?

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